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Forskolin is an extract found within the Coleus forskohlii plant. Grown in regions of India and South America, its uses a medicinal agent and home remedy trace back centuries. It has long been renowned by native societies for its calming effects.

But only in recent times have its deeper biological effects been discovered. Extensive research revealed that the forskolin property found within the plant’s extract carries the ability to raise cyclic AMP (cAMP) levels in humans. This activates an enzyme called adenylyl cyclase, which plays an important regulatory role and shows the tendency to increase metabolism.

Forskolin As A Natural Fat-Burning Ingredient

The great search for Mother Earth’s best pure weight loss ingredient is ongoing, and fraught with misperceptions. So many supplement suppliers and brands throw thousands of dollars into advertising and promotions, which often carry specious claims. These companies commission bogus studies and sometimes serve up blatantly false information in efforts to sell you on their products.

So, is forskolin — one of the most prominent and popular alleged natural fat busters out there — a worthwhile option for people looking to lose weight? Or is it merely another false hope? Let’s dig deep with a scientific look at this herbal property.

Benefits of Forskolin

Because the metabolism boost that coincides with cAMP increase is natural and devoid of the jittery side effects with many weight loss pills and stimulants, many view Forskolin as an exceptional weight loss ingredient. Indeed, high-functioning metabolism is the primary key to losing weight because it keeps your body working constantly to burn calories and produce energy. Many people enjoy forskolin supplements for this reason.

However, multiple studies have failed to prove the efficacy of forskolin as a transformative weight loss assistant. In a clinical trial that compared forskolin users to a placebo group, the people who took the substance did not show dramatic reductions in total weight. But the property did seem to prevent weight gain, which in and of itself is fairly important.

These outcomes suggest that this ingredient may be a better option for those who are looking to manage their weight, or lose a handful of pounds in conjunction with diet and exercise. If you’re trying to slim down drastically, you will probably end up being disappointed.

Downsides of Forskolin

The aforementioned trials did not produce any substantial side effects for users. However, some research suggests that consumption of this ingredient can lead to lower blood pressure, high heart rate and increased levels of stomach acid. It’s always a good idea to consult your physician before starting to consume any new product, and that’s especially true in this case if you have any conditions that would put you at risk.

With that being said, thousands of people take forskolin pills and supplements as part of their daily routine without issues. For the most part it provides healthy and reliable weight management support.


Forskolin fulfills a very specific physiological duty and helps manage weight at a cellular level. The lack of prominent side effects and the natural production make it a better option than the vast majority of weight loss ingredients. However, for those who are trying to drop significant pounds, garcinia cambogia remains a stronger choice with higher levels of evidentiary backing. Garcinia possesses the ability to more significantly impact metabolism and is also known to curb cravings and appetite, which additionally assists the calories in/calories out equation.

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