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Best Anti Aging Foods For Fighting Wrinkles

In the battle against wrinkles, fine lines, sagging and other aging signs, we’ve deployed all different types of tools and weapons. From moisturizing creams to ageless serums to gimmicky homemade topical concoctions, the extent of our efforts to keep at bay the inevitable visible impacts of getting older have no end.

Different solutions work for different people. We’re not going to tell you there’s anything you shouldn’t give a shot, as long as there are no major risks. (For the record, we advise against needles and knives because there are too many long-term dangers at play with these procedures.) But did you know that a few simple minor changes to your diet could go a long way toward maintaining youthful skin?

Today, we will talk about a few of these wrinkle fighting foods, which generally carry a number of health benefits beyond promoting a brighter and younger appearance. If you’re anxious about the onset of worn and weathered skin, then make sure you’re getting your fix of these anti-aging superfoods.  Here’s our list of The Best Anti-Aging Foods For Fighting Wrinkles.

Dark Berries

Not only are they delicious, but dark-colored berries such as blueberries, raspberries and cranberries boast amazing wellness perks. Their most notable advantage is a robust infusion of antioxidants, which are nature’s best defense against the external factors that harmfully affect our skin. Working at a cellular level, antioxidants help deter the penetrating damage of the sun’s ultraviolet rays, as well as other elements like smoke in the air, pollution in the water and mental stress.

Recipe Idea:
Start your day with a generous helping of blueberries sprinkles on a bed of Greek yogurt.

Nuts and Seeds

Sometimes you feel like a nut. Hopefully it’s fairly often, because snacking on these crunchy treats is beneficial for body and mind. Nuts and seeds typically contain high amounts of omega-3s, which are healthy fats that contain anti-inflammatory qualities. Walnuts in particular offer a significant dosage. Consistent intake of these nutrients helps keep your skin smooth and soft.

Recipe Idea:
Mix your preferred seeds and nuts together in a ziplock bag and take it with you to work. Add a small amount of chocolate and dried fruit for flavor. Then, substitute this for chips or any other nibbling vice.

are avocados good for the skinAvocados

They’re among my favorite foods, and in my mind one of the most underrated snacks around. Much like seeds and nuts, acovados contain a substantial helping of healthy fats that help keep your outer skin looking plump and radiant. They also offer glutathione, an antioxidant that’s extremely effective at preventing cellular damage leading to breakdown.

Recipe Idea:
Slice up an avocado, cover with a light sprinkling of salt and eat as a side dish with your lunch or dinner.


Are they a fruit or a vegetable? The debate rages on, but this much is clear: tomatoes are a versatile and valuable component of a good diet. The juicy red plant products feature two vital nutrients: vitamin C and lycopene. The former is conducive to higher collagen production, which can give your skin more resiliency and firmness. The latter is a phytochemical that contributes to superior blood circulation, helping restore a colorful glow to dulling skin.

Recipe Idea:
Dice up a bunch of tomatoes and place them in a bowl with cilantro, onions and a few other ingredients for a healthy salsa. Scoop it up onto whole wheat chips for a great healthful snack while watching television or lounging.

are bananas good for the skinBananas

They are the on-the-go food of choice for many individuals. The banana’s shape and peelable nature makes it an excellent handheld source of natural sugars and fuel. But this fruit is also rich in potassium, which plays an important role in water retention. Dryness of the skin and dark circles under the eyes are often the result of too much sodium or too little water — potassium helps offset and combat these issues.

Recipe Idea:
Who needs a recipe? Keep a couple bananas in your bag and eat them wherever and whenever the mood strikes. They can satisfy a sweet tooth and they’re surprising filling.


With this knowledge at hand, you’re ready to slow down and reverse the development of wrinkles, dark circles and other aging signs. Feel free to add additional measures such as daily moisturizer and anti-aging serums, but like with many other wellness matters, winning this battle starts with what you eat.

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