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It isn’t hard to see why green tea is becoming such a popular fixture in the world of health and wellness. First of all, it’s tasty. Secondly, many view it as a healthy and refreshing alternative energy source to coffee and other options. This owes to the presence of L Theanine, an amino acid that offers considerable cognitive benefits. And thirdly, green tea provides a variety of other nutritional perks.  It has many anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-carcinogenic qualities. It can also assist with weight loss in vario us ways, boosting energy and metabolic rate. Many people enjoy a glass before they hit the gym. But there are also some potential green tea dangers that are coming to light. Recent studies are illuminating these hazards and they are certainly worth being aware of.

If you’ve ever enjoyed a cool glass of green tea, then you probably know why it’s a staple for many. The subtle but effective energy boost is greatly helpful. The focus enhancement can carry you through a foggy morning or lagging afternoon at the office. And it doesn’t necessarily carry some of the downsides of coffee. You know, the preparation time, the hotness (less than ideal on a summer day), the bitter taste without sweeteners. From many perspectives, this beverage is great. But there are some green tea dangers that we’ll go over below. Whether they are significant or common enough to raise alarm is up to you.

Green Tea Dangers For Health

The same cause of many green tea benefits also can tie to the root of its hazards. The herbal property can affect our immune system in various ways. In particular, people with autoimmune disorders may want to think twice about incorporating the beverage into their diet. In particular, green tea has shown to have negative interactions with those carrying Th2 dominance disorder. These can include allergies, asthma and hepatitis. One of the green tea dangers involves stimulating or worsening these issues. Obviously that’s not anything that anyone wants to deal with. If you have such disorders, it’s worth thinking twice.

Additional green tea dangers tie to the presence of caffeine and are not necesarily unique. Among the common culprits are sleep problems, anxiety, headaches, and dizziness. Vomiting, diarrhea and heartburn are not too terribly unusual. But these side effects are intrinsic to basically any source of caffeine. The key is to moderate your intake in order to avoid such outcomes. One complication somewhat unique to green tea is the possibility of a stomach ache due to excessive stomach acidity. This occurs due to the tannins in the tea, naturally present from the tea leaves. It is advisable not to drink the beverage on an empty stomach for this reason.

Finally, there is some evidence that green tea extract may carry more concerns relative to the beverage form. A few studies suggest that concentrations too high can lead to possible liver damage. Elevated heartbeat and blood pressure are also possibilities. Once again, moderation is key here. Stick to the recommended dosage and you should be fine.

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