Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question for our staff?  Be sure to check through our FAQ before contacting us.  It will save you, and us, some trouble!

Q: What is New Review HQ

A: We’re your headquarters for up-to-date reviews on products ranging from skin creams, to herbal male enhancement products, and everything in between.

Q: Will you review my product?  

A: Maybe. If you feel like you have a product you want reviewed, feel free to reach out to us via the contact page.  Tell us a little bit about your product, and we’ll get back to you on whether or not it fits.

Q: Will you publish my article/review?

A: While we do publish the occasional reader review and article, typically we trust our staff to tackle our assignments.  That said, we’re always happy to publish a high quality article if you’re willing to let us.  Remember, we don’t pay for these reviews, nor are we paid to write them by any outside company.

Q: There’s a negative review of my product on your site, how can I get it taken down?

A: If you find one of our reviews to be unfair toward one of your products, we’re happy to fact check our article for you.  If we find any incorrect claims, we’ll correct them.  That said, we always check our articles before publication and publish them with full confidence in their assertions and claims.  We’re also well within our rights to publish negative reviews, as they represent our writers opinions, nothing more.  Ever had an opinion on something?  We like Nicholas Cage movies.  Just because it’s not supported by reason doesn’t mean it’s any less valid.  It’s just an opinion!

Q: Are you looking for staff writers/designers/managers? 

A:  Not at the moment, but as we grow as a company, that might change.  We’ll change this portion if we decide to hire more permanent writers.

Q: My comment got deleted, why?

A:  Our comment rules are pretty simple.  No bots, No Spam, No links, No Inflammatory/Crude Remarks.  Violate any of these, and you’re outta here!

Q: I ordered a product, but I can’t find the contact information!

A: Well, one, that’s not a question, and two, WHY DIDN’T YOU SAVE IT!  While we might picture ourselves as your internet mother, you need to use common sense when you leave our site.  Even if we link to a page, it doesn’t make us liable for anything that might happen there.  This is the internet, be careful out there!

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