Our Mission

     Our mission here at New Review HQ is to deliver fair reviews of the latest consumer products for people to read before they buy a product.  These reviews will analyze the products, manufacturers, and marketing claims, determining what is true, and what is just marketing talk.

We’ll give you an example.  Say you’re interested in buying “Beauty Cream X”, the latest innovation in anti-aging creams, but you’re hesitant to buy because of some of the claims the company is making.  Our reviews will look at the claims from the company, look at the ingredients they’re using, see if they’re scientifically validated, and then determine whether or not it’s possible for the formula to achieve results in even the best circumstances.  When possible, we’ll link to studies and information that help to educate readers on what specific ingredients can, and can’t do.

 In addition, we’ll take a look at other reviews around the internet for the product, and give you the gist of what they’re saying.  We’re pretty savvy when it comes to marketing, so it’s easy for us to separate the authentic reviews (like ours) from the phony reviews flooding the market.   This lets you get a real feel for what the public thinks about a given product.  Lastly, we’ll also give you our own review, noting any pros, cons, and an overall rating.  

We’ve hand selected our staff to be able to write across all niches, so don’t be surprised if you see someone like Cat writing about a testosterone supplement, or Jon writing about the latest serum.  We approach all of these products with a focus on integrity first.

Lastly, we hope that New Review HQ will be a social community for people to share their experiences with products and ingredients.  Not only that, we’re always looking for new submissions from our readers, so if you have something you think is ready for publication, send us a pitch!  We’re happy to publish your work and give you writing credit.  That said, we can barely pay our own writers, so if you want to share an article, your only payment is going to be getting published, and getting exposure.  

If you have any questions about New Review HQ, what we’re about, or about any of our articles, be sure to drop us a line via the “Contact Us” page above.

Thanks for reading, and hope to see you back again soon,

     The Staff At New Review HQ

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