Ready to meet the staff?  Great!  We have a lot of characters here, and we’re excited to get to know our readers better.  Have any questions for the staff?  Be sure to drop them a line on our contact us page.  First up!

Hello, My Name Is: Todd Ruggets

I’m the editor here at New Review HQ.  Having worked as a freelance writer most of my adult life, I’ve covered just about everything there is to write about — except sports.  On the weekends, (when I’m not working on the site) you can find me either in the gym, or out trying the newest taco joint.  My favorite?  Carnitas.  You can follow my posts by clicking here.

Hello, My Name Is: Jeb McKinnon

Jeb joined our staff in early 2016.  He’s a feature writer, meaning he writes about some of the items we expect to be really popular.  He has a background in writing reviews, having started his own review blog in 2014.  Keep an eye out for his stories and reviews here.

Hello, My Name Is: Jess McLeod

Jess is one of our newest writers.  But don’t let that speak to her ability.  She has a great background writing about beauty products, especially skincare and hair products.  In her free-time, you can find her taking pictures in nature, as well as working on her new book.  She won’t tell us what it’s called…yet.  You can read all of Jess’s articles and reviews here!

Hello, My Name Is: Rachel Dunn

Rachel joined our team in 2015, and has since grown from staff writer to assistant editor.  In her role as assistant editor, she’s in charge of editing our skincare articles.  With a background in skincare writing and sales, she’s a great addition to the New Review HQ Team.  In her spare time, you can find her making her own skincare products and posting about it on pinterest.  Read Rachel’s articles here!

Hello, My Name Is: Sara Rodgers

Sara is the content manager for New Review HQ.  She’s in charge of making sure our content looks as fresh as possible.  If you submit anything that’s not publish ready, she’s the one you’ll hear it from.  She’s also in charge of recruiting new talent, so if you feel like you have what it takes to join our staff, drop her a line here.  You can read her myriad reviews and articles here!

Hello, My Name Is: Jon Trevathan

Jon is the youngest member of our staff here at New Review HQ.  After interning for us last summer, he gained a full time position writing reviews.  Don’t let the nice-guy look fool you, Jon is a stickler when it comes to reviews.  While he has a great background in content writing and management, his real dream is to work for Pitchfork.  We think he’ll fit right in.  Read everything from Jon here!

Hello, My Name Is: Jim Stiller

Jim Stiller is not related to those Stillers, so quit asking.  We think he’s just as funny, though.  While he could use some lessons in how to dress for a staff photo, he gives the lessons in writing.  He pumps out reviews faster than we can give them to him, and does so with a gusto.  When he’s not writing about the newest products for New Review HQ, you can find him in the gym, watching the Pats, or playing video games.  You can check out Jim’s latest reviews here

Hello, My Name Is: Cat Owens

Cat’s real name is Cat, not Catherine, not Katie…Cat.  She’s our resident troublemaker.  On April Fools Day, she put a live lobster in the rest room.  While she can get a little out of hand some times, her style shines through in the great work she provides here at New Review HQ.  If you’re ever in need of a laugh and a great review, be sure to check out Cat’s articles here!

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