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There are many weight loss supplements that are traditionally marketed toward women. Forskolin supplements are no exception. However, this weight loss aid has lots of potential to benefit men as well. In fact, some weight loss studies have specifically studied male patients and the pounds they shed with forskolin supplements. This natural herb has other potential health benefits as well that are suited for male bodies. If you’re looking to reinvent your body, you may want to check out forskolin supplements

Forskolin Supplements And Weight Loss

Forskolin has been largely marketed as a weight loss aid. However, most these marketing efforts have been directed toward women. Although, some of the studies that supports forskolin extract have been centered around male bodies. In fact, one of the most promising studies is included in the number that have made men their focus. The University of Kansas researched the weight loss effects concerning supplemental forskolin. Overweight and obese men that participated in this trial lost more than 7.8 times more body fat.

What makes forskolin so effective? Well, researchers believe its ability to directly stimulate the enzyme adenylyl cyclase is the reason behind its success. This enzyme affects the concentration of cAMP, which is linked to weight management. Research supports the herb’s ability to prevent weight gain and help people control it. Some research even supports this claim despite ranging diets and exercise routines. However, obviously leading a healthy lifestyle will aid in shedding pounds.

Forskolin Supplements And Testosterone

There’s one benefit of forskolin that can be especially helpful for men. In addition, it’s one effect that most supplements do not highlight in their marketing campaigns. The increase in cAMP levels can influence hormone activity in multiple areas of the body. Therefore, many believe it to have an effect on testosterone levels as well. In one study, forskolin supplements raised testosterone levels in rats by 200 percent. Now, that may seem like a lot, and it is. However, in human trials, the highest increase in testosterone was a 33 percent increase. Still, 33 percent is a significant increase.

Types Of Forskolin Supplements For Men

Not all supplements are made equal. Supplements with forskolin are not different in that regard. The herb is made from the root of a plant belonging to the mint family. Its native to areas like Nepal, India, and Thailand and has long been used for traditional medicines. Now, it has made its way to the supplement market. There are multiple species of the deriviative plant coleus and various concentrations of forskolin itself from plant to plant. Check the labels of the supplements you’re interested in and make sure you’re getting the bang for your buck. Make sure you’re getting real forskolin extract without lots of fillers, binders, and additives.

Is Forskolin Right For You

There are many studies that support this herbal extract in its ability to help people lose weight and boost testosterone. In addition, it could lower blood sugar, treat asthma and glaucoma, and improve heart function. However, despite these studies, scientists have not officially given it their stamp of guarantee. Given this information, it may be best to discuss the supplement with a medical professional before consumption. Especially if you’re taking blood thinners or high blood pressure medications, as there may be adverse effects. Otherwise, if you’re looking to sculpt your body and boost testosterone, forskolin supplements may be a good, natural option for you.

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