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One of the fastest ways to shed weight is by consuming detox drinks. This trend is very popular right now, as more and more people are sharing their recipes on social media. Now, it’s important to remember that these cleanses do not often lead to long-term weight loss. Therefore, you cannot rely on these beverages for lasting weight management alone. Your body simply needs more than what is often included in these beverages. However, if you’re looking to lose weight fast or detoxify your body, these drinks are an excellent option. In addition, they often use healthy and natural ingredients that you already have in your cupboard!

Tea As A Weight Loss Drink

Weight loss drinks can come in many forms. However, one of the most traditional versions is through a classic cup of tea. Many people already consume it every day without knowing its weight loss benefits. To really see results from adding tea into your diet, you’ll have to be drinking several cups each day. It is a natural detoxifier that can eliminate harmful toxins from your body. However, any cup of tea will not do. The best varieties with weight loss benefits dandelion, peppermint, ginger, and green tea. The recommended amount is three to five cups daily if you want to see results.

DIY Weight Loss Drinks With Honey

Honey is not only a great natural sweetener. It also contains essential nutrients like vitamins and minerals. Therefore, it can help dissolve fats and cholesterol in the body. It has the power to mobilize stored fat and put it to good use in the form of energy. Also, it can reduce risk of cardiovascular issues! Who knew such a common household item had so much power? Try mixing honey into a glass of warm water for breakfast every morning. Or, feel free to add a table spoon of lemon juice for added vitamin C, or cinnamon to regulate blood sugar!

DIY Cabbage Weight Loss Drink

Cabbage is packed with multiple vitamins. The list includes vitamins C, A, B1, B2, and B6. In addition, minerals like potassium and manganese help manage weight and support metabolism. Cabbage can control blood sugar levels to control weight, too! Incorporating cabbage into a beverage can be a great detox drink that you can make at home. Cabbage juice is a powerful liver cleanser, and is effective for weight loss. Now, it may sound gross to drink cabbage juice, but feel free to blend pears and carrots with it for flavor and added vitamins!

Benefits Of DIY Weight Loss Drinks

Long-term weight loss plans should include more than just juice cleanses. However, supplementing healthy diet and exercise with weight loss drinks can maximize fat burning and support metabolism. These drinks are often made with ingredients high in vitamins in minerals. Therefore, they have powerful detoxifying abilities. That means these beverages can help your body by clearing out harmful toxins from processes foods. If you’re looking to add an extra boost to your weight loss plan, try one of these inexpensive and natural weight loss drinks!

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