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Let’s face it, wrinkles aren’t exactly flattering and can make your skin appear dull, old and tired. Although some types of wrinkles are inevitable, there are things you can do to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on your face. Whether you have developed wrinkles from expression lines, age or sun damage, certain products and procedures can help your skin look and feel youthful again. Sure, you can always pay thousands of dollars for Botox and facial injections, but if you’re like me and don’t have money lying around for that kind of luxury, you may want to turn to products and at home remedies. Read below for common wrinkle treatments you can use that will help reduce those pesky lines!

The Most Common Wrinkle Treatments

While we could spend all day going over the various ways to treat your wrinkles, we think our audience is savvy enough to find most of them for themselves.  So we’ve provided one DIY technique, an ingredient that is especially effective, and a general overview of the products out there.  Let’s get started.

Purchase Clinically Tested & Proven Products

As I’m sure you have noticed, there are thousands of skin care products on the market that claim to diminish wrinkles & smooth the skin. Although it would be nice if all products did what they said they do, that’s simply not that case. When purchasing anti-aging products, always do your research and look for ingredients that have been clinically tested for proven, or dermatologist approved results. Common ingredients that work well include things like retinol, hyaluronic acid and vitamin A. It is important to note that results may vary, some products could take weeks, others months to see drastic results. Serums are great for reducing wrinkles due to their ability to absorb deep into all three layers of the dermis.

DIY Facial Massage

Here’s a satisfying one, give yourself a massage with a do-it-yourself pressure treatment. Stimulating the muscles in the face release toxins and pressure which relieves tension in the face that leads to wrinkling. Here’s how to do it; start by rubbing your temples in a circular motion with your index and middle finger for 20 seconds. Next, move to the eyebrows and apply light pressure while pushing upwards, hold for 20 seconds. Move to the jaw region and lightly clench teeth for 10 seconds. This relaxes the muscles in that region of the face. Whenever you wash your face, apply cream/serum or a cleanser always make sure you are making upward motions. This helps to prevent wrinkles in the future.

Get That Vitamin C!

Taking vitamin C supplements, eating vitamin C potent foods or using products containing vitamin C is a great way to treat wrinkles. When you are young, your skin is full of vitamin C. It’s an important ingredient that keeps the skin firm and protected from damage. Vitamin C also contains reparative properties that can help rebuild the structure of your skin to keep it looking and feeling youthful. When you replenish vitamin C levels, your skin starts to repair damage from the sun and builds a protective barrier to keep out free radical damage. The only negative side effect of using a vitamin C topical is the drying or flaking of the skin, this can be counteracted by using a moisturizer. Always make sure to eat a balanced diet that contains vitamin C! Tomatoes & oranges are great for snacking and boosting that C!


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