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When you’re trying to gain lean muscle, you may be tempted to reach for anything to get you the results. And, that’s how things like steroids and muscle supplements became so popular. But, when you’re trying to pick out a muscle supplement, you need to be very careful. You’ve probably all heard horror stories of different muscle supplements and what they can do to the body. And, the majority of muscle supplements use fake ingredients that cause harmful side effects. So, when you’re choosing a supplement, you should look for all-natural versions.  Even then, there are common muscle supplement side effects.

Common Muscle Supplement Side Effects

It’s so frustrating trying to find a safe way to boost your muscle growth. And, everywhere you look on the internet, different people claim different things about supplements. Truly, you can find one person who says muscle supplements are awful for you and should be avoided. And, then you turn around and find three more people saying supplements are necessary if you want big muscle results. And, our general opinion is that muscle supplements can really help you if you do your research and stick to natural formulas. Bottom line, different supplements can cause different side effects.

Testosterone Boosters

Testosterone boosters are great at boosting your hormone levels and making sure your body can make lean muscle to begin with. But, when you use a booster with fake ingredients, you need to be careful. For example, anabolic steroids can cause you more harm than good. For example, they can lead to things like acne, testicular atrophy, and increased estrogen levels. Then, other testosterone boosters can cause more free testosterone in the blood. Which can lead to that free testosterone being converted into DHT and estrogen, which is probably not want you want when you’re trying to get ripped.

General Muscle Building Supplements

Usually, muscle supplements contain natural ingredients like Creatine and Arginine. And, these things sometimes cause side effects, but only if you misuse them. So, you should still be aware of the side effects of these two things. For example, if you overuse Creatine and don’t follow the directions, you can experience stomach cramps, kidney stress, dehydration, and weight gain. In addition to that, overusing Creatine can lead to diarrhea, weight gain, and muscle cramps. So, with this one, we recommend just following the directions as closely as possible.
Then, Arginine is an all-natural amino acid that shouldn’t cause you side effects. The most irritating thing it can do is cause a little bit of a tingling sensation. And, some men reported an outbreak in cold sores from this ingredient. But, this only happens when you don’t follow the supplement’s directions. Again, when you get a new supplement, you need to read the instructions and follow them properly. Especially because, when you overuse this amino acid, it can lead to heart disease. In one rare case, it lead to a heart attack. But, that can all be avoided when you simply follow the directions of the supplement.

Pre-Workout And Fat Burning Supplements

Sometimes, you need a little extra boost in the gym. And, that’s what pre-workout supplements can provide. They help boost your energy and improve your muscle pumps. Then, fat burning supplements help cut down the excess body fat that keeps your muscles and hard work hidden. But, both these supplements can cause side effects like nervousness, irritability, tremors, and insomnia. In some rare cases, they caused more serious conditions like hallucinations, convulsions, and addiction. And, many of these supplements contain caffeine, which can lead to heart problems. Our word of advice, just stick with natural muscle supplements, and read the instructions!

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