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Envision this scenario. You crawl out of bed in the morning, and start tossing on some clothes. You head to the bathroom to clean up and prep for the day. Then you look into the mirror and… what is that? What’s the on your nose? Is that red bump a zit? It can’t be! You’re not an adolescent teen any more; this isn’t something you should have to deal with! Hey, I tend to agree, personally, but unfortunately acne is not a problem that completely goes away for many people after they escape the puberty stage. If you want to ensure you can keep pimples at bay, a diet including many foods that prevent acne is an excellent foundation.

Once we move past that crazy hormonal period of life, there are many different factors capable of causing breakouts in adults. Stress, seasonal changes, and dry or oily skin are among the primary culprits. To be sure, there are healthy skin care tips that will be conducive to halting zits, among other benefits. But loading up on foods that prevent acne is another wise tactic.

Top Foods That Prevent Acne

Avocados: This guacamole mainstay is already very popular in many circles, as a tasty source of healthy fats. But it also contains plenty of Vitamin C and Vitamin E, which help reduce skin inflammation.

Cucumbers: It’s one of the most hydrating plants you can eat, and that moisture benefits your skin as well. Higher levels of water in the skin can help flush out clogged pores and toxins.

Yogurt: Aim for a type with live cultures, such as Greek or Kefir, because this will deliver probiotics. These counteract and combat bad bacteria which not only cause problems for our digestion but also our skin. Adding in some berries, with their rich antioxidant content, is a fantastic idea.

Nuts: In many cases, an acne breakout in adults can relate to a zinc deficiency. Nuts such as cashews, pecans and almonds contain plenty of zinc, as well as other helpful nutrients like magnesium, potassium and calcium. Keep a bag on hand for snacking throughout the day.

Fish: Omega-3 fatty acids are among the best natural inflammation fighters you can find. Eating certain nuts will provide these, but fish are considered one of the best omega-3 sources. It might sound counterintuitive that oily fish would help resolve oily skin issues, but that is the reality.

Garlic: This zesty seasoning property contains a unique compound called allicin, which helps fight bacteria that can lead to inflammation of the skin.

Other Acne Prevention Methods

Beyond building your diet around foods that prevent acne, there are also many other daily measures you can take to minimize the issue. The most important is a regular facial cleansing regimen. Exfoliate and remove dead skin. Always follow up with a quality moisturizer to prevent skin from drying out. Avoid touching your face after eating, and limit use of makeup.

And finally, try to cut back on alcohol intake, as drinking can aggravate skin issues.

By following this simple blueprint, you can help ensure that you never wake up to that unpleasant sight in the mirror again.

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