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Are you aware of the power of magnesium? If you knew just how important this chemical is, you would be rushing out to get magnesium supplements. Without magnesium, our bodies could not function properly, including energy levels and muscle function. Magnesium also plays a role in some 300 biochemical processes in your body. So let’s find out more! Today we’re going to discuss the power of the magnesium chemical. We are also going to search the best source of magnesium. This will not only include health supplements, but it will also include foods. Because the best way to acquire nutritional balance is through your diet. We will also talk about why you should be consuming magnesium, and what the benefits are.

Before we get to the best source of magnesium, let’s discuss what it is that magnesium actually does in your body. This is a highly abundant chemical in your body and serves hundreds of functions and purposes. We won’t go into all the scientific information regarding macro-minerals, atom bonding, chemical compounding. You can find information regarding these topics elsewhere. Magnesium plays a regulatory function in the body, aiding your body’s enzymes to work properly, the basis of your body’s health. As you probably know, basic but essential functions are performed by enzymes. They break down sugars and accelerate other chemical reactions.

What Does Magnesium Do?

So why should you focus on magnesium intake? What is it good for? Magnesium is important for regulating energy production. This occurs at the cellular level. ATP is the most important energy unit in cells, and they are responsible for providing actions like muscle fiber contraction, cell reproduction, and protein synthesis. In order for ATP to be activated, however, you need magnesium, which will have an overall effect on nerve health and muscles, as just two of the factors. This is why maintaining magnesium levels is important. But what is the best source of magnesium? Keep reading below!

What Benefits Does Magnesium Have?

You probably don’t want or need to go further in to the science of magnesium, so let’s just get to the benefits of magnesium. And remember, you can take magnesium as a supplement or just incorporate it in to your diet. Taking a daily magnesium supplement can help increase energy, calm nerves, relieve sleep problems, and reduce muscle aches. If you are a bundles of nerves and anxiety, you might benefit from magnesium use. It can help calm your nerves, quiet your mind, and relax your muscles.

What Is The Best Source Of Magnesium

You can take a magnesium supplement to make things easy, but for those of you purists, you might want to add it to your diet. How do you do that? If you want to find the best source of magnesium, check out the charts available online. Spinach is one of the best sources of magnesium. Mom was right, you should really eat your spinach. Just one cup of spinach contains roughly 157 mg of magnesium. Other great sources of magnesium include almonds, avocado, figs, yogurt, and banana. Luckily for you, all these foods are delicious to begin with and are easily incorporated into your diet. But try to avoid these seemingly healthy diets!

How To Use A Magnesium Supplement

The best source of magnesium is arguably in food, but you can easily utilize a supplement as well. Trust me, you don’t want to go all out on the magnesium supplement. Why? Well, it can cause some pretty unhelpful side effects that will leave you stranded in the bathroom. There are some current guidelines for magnesium supplementation. I won’t go through all the age groups (there are probably no 1-year-olds reading this), but if you are anywhere from 18-30 years old, you can shoot for about 350mg-400mg a day. If you experience any side effects, simply start with a lower dose and work upwards.

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