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If you asked anyone what the great American breakfast was, you’d get five people who say “bacon, eggs, toast, orange juice…” and one person who says, “cola and cigarettes” (yes, that was a real response in our office).  But, that doesn’t exactly fit the vegan lifestyle, does it?  As a vegan, I’ve certainly shuffled into the kitchen at my parents’ place once or twice and seen my mom hard at work over a meal that I can’t eat.  Luckily for us plant-eaters, there are a lot of great alternatives to the standard greasy morning fodder.  So, what should you try for your new breakfast go-to?  See some of our great vegan breakfasts below, catered to your workdays and your leisurely ones.

Great Vegan Breakfasts for Work Days

So, you’re in a rush and you don’t have time to get something gourmet going.  Well, the good news is that there are a lot of quick options.  In fact, if you like to plan ahead, you can even start something the night before.

One of the best of the great vegan breakfasts is tasty and easy chia seed pudding.  If you’ve never heard of chia seeds, they’re little protein-packed foods that you can buy at any supermarket.  They come in more than one color (the most common are black and white) and you can use either for this breakfast.  Simply use ¼ cup of chia seeds and 1 cup of non-dairy milk (or any amount using that ratio) and store in the fridge overnight in a jar.  In the morning, give it a quick stir, let it sit another minute, and you’ll have a thick, nutty pudding.  Of course, if you want more flavor, you’ll want to add sweeteners or fruit.  Some of the best options are peanut butter and jelly, banana and chocolate, or vanilla and berries.

Another one of our great vegan breakfasts for the work day is a peanut butter/banana combo…but on toast.  Really, if you want to get sweetness, protein, and carbohydrates all in one, you can’t go wrong.  Find a vegan multi-grain loaf (a lot of bread is vegan already, by the way), and toast it just enough so it holds its shape.  Then spread on some natural chunky peanut butter and add some ripe banana slices (you want the banana to be spotty).

Of course, if you want great vegan breakfasts that are drinkable, making smoothies is fun and easy.  Just cut up fruit on the weekends and store it in the freezer so you can easily whip together your creation in the morning.  And, don’t forget to look online for tons of fun recipes.

Great Vegan Breakfasts for Weekends

When it comes to great vegan breakfasts on the weekend, the sky is absolutely the limit.  Really, you have unlimited time to play around with fun recipes.  So, we’re not going to rein you in too hard – we’re just going to give you some ideas.  Try oatmeal with a twist – make a decadent creation on the stovetop that involves pure maple syrup and cinnamon.  Or, get even more creative and use buckwheat instead, which is great savory or sweet (honey and non-dairy milk make it like a delicious cereal).

You could try to go a little more brunch-y with tofu and potato hash browns.  You can get that by buying tofu by the block, slicing it, browning it, and adding some potatoes.  Or, try making breakfast tacos, where black beans are the star.  Really, when it comes to delicious great vegan breakfasts, you can be super creative.  It’s easy to think outside the box when you’re not held down by the limitations of the “great American breakfast,” whether that be eggs and bacon or your vice of choice.  So, get to searching and cooking.  Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

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