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We all know that sinking feeling. That looming darkness and apprehension in the back of your mind. That ominous sense of dread, which can follow us around and deter our enjoyment of life. Even for those who don’t have a clinical disorder diagnosis, anxiety can set in at many times, for many reasons. Maybe you have a due date coming up for a big project and it’s constantly weighing on you. Perhaps you’re heading to a major social function and not ready to face the overwhelming interactions. Or, for a whole lot of people, there doesn’t even need to be a triggering event. This mental state can entail a lot of negatives, so identifying a natural anxiety reducer you can count on is quite important.

Luckily, we now have more options than ever in this regard. The rise of nootropics is opening the door for people to find healthier and safer solutions to these kinds of issues. Unlike most pharmaceutical drugs and pills, nootropics rely upon herbal and natural ingredients for their formulas. These products typically require no prescription, and are easily accessible for anyone. They also tend to exhibit fewer side effects, by a considerable margin.

Nootropics can serve a number of different functions and purposes. In many cases, they work to boost mental energy and sharpen focus. Often serving as alternatives to caffeine, they can deliver a more subtle and gentle stimulating kick. There are also numerous lines of nootropics that aim to improve memory. But the natural anxiety reducer is one that’s gaining a great deal of popularity. It can be difficult to find natural properties that offer a legitimate calming and relaxing effect. The brain is such a complex organ, with so many frantic processes at play, that settling it down can be challenging. Today we’ll shine a light on some of the best ingredients for helping with this important initiative.

Natural Anxiety Reducer Ingredients

There a number of different natural components that can contribute to reducing stress and anxiety. The ones that follow are those that tend to show the most efficacy in this regard.


Long name, simple benefits. The use of Ashwagandha for medicinal purposes traces back to ancient times. Studies show that it offers powerful anxiolytic effects, reducing levels of cortisol — aka the “stress hormone.” Additionally, there is a growing belief that it can make a significantly positive impact on weight loss.

Rhodiola Rosea

Extracts from this perennial flowering plant are frequently featured on nootropic labels. That’s because it is one of the most potent adaptogens around, helping your body maintain balance during exposure to stressors both physical and mental. The ingredient also shows a number of other cognitive benefits.

L Theanine

This amino acid is one of our favorite nootropic ingredients, because of its ability to boost focus while also increasing relaxation. It’s pretty hard to find a natural anxiety reducer that essentially doubles as a stimulant. Usually those two goals are at odds. However, L Theanine manages to accomplish both while largely avoiding any troubling side effects.

Any of these three ingredients can offer support as a natural anxiety reducer, so give them a try.

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