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The coffee killer? That’s what some are calling yerba mate, an impressive botanical booster with increasingly strong reviews for its natural energizing capabilities. Given that many people are seeking out alternatives to coffee for various reasons, it isn’t hard to see why this ingredient’s popularity is rising. Does it really offer the same effects (or better) as your standard morning staple? Are there downsides that reduce its appeal? And what’s the best method for getting your fix? Let’s take a look at the yerba mate benefits and determine its true value for energy supplementation.

First, a little background on this herbal property. Yerba mate goes by the scientific name Ilex paraguariensis, and is a shrub that grows in many tropical climates around the world. You can find it on shelves in many nutrition stores in various forms. The ingredient appears within a number of different supplements, but is most often brewed in a tea. Its popularity and profile are increasing worldwide, to the point where it’s available on standard supermarket stores in parts of Europe and Asia. When you look at the significant yerba mate benefits, it’s easy to see why many people are adding it to their daily routine.

Yerba Mate Benefits for Energy

In comparison with other common and safe stimulants — such as coffee, tea and guarana — yerba mate carries the most nutritional balance. The energizing yerba mate benefits come mostly from the fact that its leaves naturally contain a caffeine infusion. This is part of the healthy boost it provides. But the herb is also rich in other nutrients, such as vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants. The latter is particularly important. More and more, we are recognizing the uplifting effects of anitoxidants. They also carry a number of general long-term wellness benefits. Not only is yerba mate one of the healthiest herbal stimulants, it’s simply one of the most nutrient-dense plants around. In comparison with your typical caffeine fix, this is likely to offer a lot more nutritional value.

The energy kick from yerba mate is also considered to be less intense and jitter-inducing. This makes it preferable to coffee in the eyes of many. People will typically describe the boost that yerba mate provides as a smooth, gentle and gradual one. If you find that drinking an energy drink or heavy caffeine source makes you anxious or gives you headaches, the yerba mate benefits may provide a welcome alternative. Plus, there is growing research surround the weight loss implications of this special herbal ingredient.

Yerba Mate Benefits for Weight Loss

The potential for weight loss yerba mate benefits is coming into greater focus. Because of the presence of polyphenols (plant-based properties), yerba mate can inhibit certain processes that contribute to weight gain. In particular, this herb appears to have satiating effects that can help control hunger and lower food intake. It’s not necessary going to be an effective replacement for diet and exercise, but there is a growing body of evidence suggesting that yerba mate can assist with your slimmin goals. That’s another perk on top of the energy boost.

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