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Garcinia cambogia is no longer the next big thing in weight loss. It now IS the big thing in weight loss. After gaining hype through several media spotlights and celebrity testimonials, garcinia is now the primary ingredient in most of the most popular slimming supplements. This owes to a multi-faceted approach to assisting your efforts, driven mostly by one primary property: HCA. This is at the core of the fruit’s extract, and is largely responsible for its weight loss prowess. But what is hydroxycitric acid, and how does this mysterious component work to enhance your metabolic efficiency?

The key to unlocking garcinia cambogia weight loss advantages, HCA is a key influencer of your biological weight management processes. Up until a few decades ago, little was known about thsi derivative of citric acid. The garcinia fruit has long been a staple in its native regions, utilized for its tart tastes and energy-inducing benefits. However, up until scientists started breaking it down and examining its makeup, we didn’t really understand its true potential for weight loss support. Studying HCA opened a new world of knowledge. So, what is hydroxycitric acid going to do for you that is so special, anyway?

What is Hydroxycitric Acid?

It is a unique derivative of citric acid. While you can find HCA in a few different tropic plant species, garcinia proves to be the best for effective extraction and formulation. HCA is the key active ingredient in garcinia cambogia contributing to its substantial efficacy for weight management. This owes to two specific interactions with your body.

Firstly, HCA serves as an inhibitor for ATP citric lyase. By reducing its proliferation, the ingredient actively alters and slows fat production. This really goes to the base of the process that produces excess weight, fundamentally supporting a reduction in rate. The other impact of this dynamic is that more fat and carbs convert into energy. As such, it tends to be easier for garcinia users to stay physically active and hold up the exercise side.

But what is hydroxycitric acid going to do other than affecting the citric acid cycle? There’s another very specific benefit it offers with regards to weight loss. HCA triggers a mild increase of serotonin. This neurotransmitter is what sends signals of satiety to the brain, thus helping to reduce emotional eating. It’s the main reason that garcinia cambogia makes for one of the best appetite suppressing supplements around.

Through its helpful capability to aid weight loss efforts in two distinct ways, HCA stands out among natural ingredients.

How Much HCA Should My Supplement Have?

Most often, when you look at the label of a garcinia cambogia supplement, you’ll see the listing of an HCA percentage. Without any context, it’s tough to know what you should be looking for. But most studies suggest that an effective formula will between 50 to 60 percent. Anything less is probably going to lag. Anything more is tough to trust as legit. Find that sweet spot and let these herbal fat burners go to work for you.

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