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If you’re starting out on any diet, you’ve likely got the advice to eat more vegetables. And in fact, it’s best to embrace this advice with a straight-up Vegetable Love Affair. Why start a Vegetable Love Affair? Because the more you know and love your veggies, the more likely you are to incorporate them with ease into your diet. And the more likely you are to find lasting, dieting success. So how do you start a Vegetable Love Affair?

Vegetable Love Affair: Breakfast Veg-Fest!

The best way to start a Vegetable Love Affair is to begin to integrate veggies in where you wouldn’t have before. A breakfast, for instance, you can dress up your traditional eggs and toast with various tasty veggies. You can incorporate cooked leafy greens, asparagus, avocado and more into your over-easy toast and eggy breakfast dishes. Or broccoli, bell peppers, and onions in a scramble or hash. And the famous New Mexican Huevos Rancheros will have you falling in love with red and green chile or salsa (your choice). Once you start, you may realize what you’re missing! And this is what a Vegetable Love Affair is all about. For lunch and dinner, you  may begin to introduce yourself to more veggies to compliment your standard meals.

Vegetable Love Affair: Sneaking Veggies In With Your Favorites

Another good way to start a Vegetable Love Affair is to begin “sneaking” veggies in with your favorite foods. This way, you get a taste for how your favorites can be upgraded in terms of both taste and nutrition! Your favorite veggies and easily be added to any pasta dish, quesadillas and tacos, grilled cheese sandwiches, rich dishes, and more.

Vegetable Love Affair: Snacks

Finding ways to snack on veggies is yet another good way to begin a Vegetable Love Affair. And, if you’re going on a diet, you know that you need to back off from some of your previous snacking go-to choices. You know what we’re talking about: chips and other nutrition-void, high-calorie, unhealthy-fats-or-sugar-based-food-stuffs. Instead, try choosing carrots or bell pepper slices dipped in hummus or guacamole. Pretty much anything you can dip with a chip you can dip with a veggie!

Vegetable Love Affair: Takeaway

There are many ways to start a Vegetable Love Affair. Other options for doing this include smothering your veggies in butter (delicious!) or wrapping cooked veggies in bacon. Bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers, anyone? Getting creative and adventurous with seasoning is another good option for starting your new love affair with vegetables. Have you ever enjoyed straight up roasted veggies with your seasoning of choice? Drench Brussels sprouts, carrots, onions, peppers, garlic, sweet potatoes in olive or coconut oil (your choice). And then season them in your most creative, foodie way. You may be astonished at how delightful a properly seasoned and cooked vegetable can be! And how satisfying they can be. A love affair with vegetables is absolutely key to successful and lasting weight loss. Since filling up on veggies will likely be a key to your success. So start your love affair with vegetables today!

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