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Losing weight isn’t easy. Supplements using artificial and unfamiliar ingredients can be scary and daunting. However, there are some that contain ingredients that are close to home. In fact, the black pepper sitting on your dining table is a key ingredient in a supplement called Bioperine. The fruit extract from black pepper is called piperine, and has been studied for many different health benefits. This pungent component of black pepper, the one that can induce a sneeze, can actually help manage weight.

For centuries, black pepper has been used in traditional Eastern medicines to treat a variety of things. Health problems like cholera, diarrhea, and other gastrointestinal issues called for the natural properties of black pepper. The extract responsible for these effects was officially discovered in 1819 when it was isolated. The amount of piperine can vary from 5 to 10 percent in the pepper you find in grocery stores. However, this natural compound has also been converted to supplement form by the name of Bioperine.

Black Pepper As Fat Blocker

Although not a lot of research has been done on the topic, one promising study supports black pepper as a fat-blocker. This study examined how black pepper affected gene expression in fat tissues. According to this research, piperine interfered with the activity of the genes that formed new fat cells. Basically, this extract can set up a chain reaction resulting in the inhibition of fat formation. If more research is conducted on black pepper, and these results are replicated, black pepper could be an effective and natural treatment for fat-disorders like obesity.

Black Pepper In Diet

Black pepper also has some great benefits on your diet that could help you lose weight. This popular seasoning is virtually sodium-free. That means if you’re trying to cut back of salt, using black pepper to season your food could help you cut weight. The pungent flavor can complement almost any savory food. There are many salad dressings that are super high in sodium, so replacing them with a homemade vinaigrette seasoned with black pepper can cut down your sodium intake significantly. Reducing the amount of salt in your diet cuts your body’s fluid retention and prevents bloating. Black pepper also contains antioxidants that can stabilize blood sugar. The seemingly mundane shaker sitting on your dining room table is so much more than originally thought!

Black Pepper And Nutrient Absorption

Finally, black pepper extract has also been studied for its bioenhancement abilities. This refers to the qualities of piperine that aid in nutrient absorption. It can increase the amounts of vitamin C, A, and B-6 that your body absorbs. In addition, it can also enhance minerals like selenium, beta-carotene, and coenzyme Q. Therefore, it could boost the amount of nourishment you get from foods containing these elements. The study supporting these claims suggest its usefulness in terms of combatting malnutrition.

Who knew that little bottle next to your salt could pack this much of a punch. The same component of black pepper that makes you want to sneeze, can also help you manage your weight in many different ways. Although more research is needed on the subject, there are promising findings in regards to black pepper and weight loss. From blacking fat formation, to providing a low-sodium seasoning, to boosting nutrient absorption, there’s a lot to learn about black pepper. Try supplementing it into your current weight loss plan!

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