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When I think of coconuts, I think of swimsuits. These unique brown, spherical and fuzzy plants famously grow from palm trees in some of the hottest and most tropical regions in the world. The very thought leads my brain to happy fantasies of vacation, beaches and cocktails with umbrellas sticking out of them.

But when those thoughts enter my mind, the very next one is my physique. Because when we suit up in swimwear to enjoy the sun, we want to look our best. And as it happens, the coconut is an extremely beneficial plant that can support weight loss progress in substantial ways. This is particularly true of the liquid derived from within the fruit. Have you heard of the coconut water diet?

There are a number of distinct benefits that make a coconut water diet something anyone would be wise to follow. Even if you’re not actively trying to shed pounds.

Now, to be clear, when we say coconut diet we’re not talking about making this drink the exclusive component of your consumption regimen. That would deprive you of, well, an awful lot of important things. But making a daily habit of slurping down this cloudy white beverage can result in a ton of positive health perks. Let’s go through a few of them.

Coconut Water is Absurdly Hydrating

When it comes to hydration, not all liquids are the same. In fact, it might surprise you to learn that coconut water is actually more hydrating than plain old pure water. This is because of the substance’s ability to absorb so quickly and effectively. It contains minerals that help it penetrate and pass through barriers within your gut more quickly. Coconut water’s similarity to human plasma has actually led to it being given to those who have lost significant amounts of blood.

We all know how important hydration is for a variety of different health measures. Whether its metabolism, energy or overall bodily function, everything in your biology benefits from ample hydrating. There are few, if any, natural sources on Earth that can do the job better than coconut water.

As a word to the wise, coconut water can be especially helpful for those recovering from a nasty hangover after a night of drinking.

Pure and Natural Replenishment

As long as you stay away from brands with added preservatives or sugar, coconut water is completely natural and organic. You will want to check labels to ensure this is the case if you are trying to develop the healthiest coconut water diet possible. Although the taste of pure and unsweetened coconut water is not one that many people initially love, it’s an acquired taste. At one point I hated drinking the stuff but now I rather enjoy its mild sweetness. It certainly tastes better than other liquid weight loss agents, such as apple cider vinegar!

Coconut Water Diet is Packed with Potassium

Coconut water has a higher potassium content than bananas, which of course have a strong reputation for boasting the nutrient. Potassium is, of course, an essential nutrient that helps our bodies in many ways. It supports strong organ function, fights against disease, and helps with blood pressure. A coconut water diet is conducive to long-term wellness thanks to this and its many other advantages.

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