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In this age of supplements, diet fads and ever-changing health trends, it’s easy to find products and ingredients with endless lists of purported benefits. More difficult, however, is finding something that carries legitimate scientific and data-based evidence behind it. Sure, most of these brands will point to some one-off study or small-sample trial as proof that their offering works. But any researcher will tell you that it takes much more than that to reach solid conclusions. Apple cider vinegar is one item that  does have significantly more legit backing than many of the health remedies of the moment. Of course, that doesn’t mean every popular purported benefit is real, or that ACV is without side effects and downsides. Our apple cider vinegar review breaks down everything you need to know.

Vinegar’s reputation as a potent health property traces back centuries. The acidic liquid has a long-time standing in tradition and folk medicine. The apple cider variation, however, is more recent in its popularization. Thousands of people across the country use ACV in some form for wellness purposes. Whether it’s a straight swing in the morning, or a dillution with water to go with dinner, or even pouring it into a bath, there are many different ways to get your fix. Are these people actually receiving health advantages from ingesting or applying the solution? Or is there more bluster than solid basis behind these practices? Let’s dig in with an apple cider vinegar review that looks at both sides.

Apple Cider Vinegar Review: Proven Benefits

We see a lot of health perks tied to ACV that aren’t especially realistic. However, there are three major areas where it does indeed show positive effect: skin health, digestion and weight loss. There are enzymes and acidic properties within ACV that help it cleanse and exfoliate the skin. This can contribute to anti aging efforts and help maintain a soft, smooth complexion. Many people like to pour a cup of the vinegar into their bath and soak. As far as digestion goes, the same enzymes come into play. Its disinfecting qualities kill harmful bacteria and help restore a healthy gut flora balance. This can reduce stomach cramps and irregularity.

Finally, no apple cider vinegar review would be complete without touching on the weight loss claims. Now, some of the proclamations about this substance being a rapid fat-melting superstar are over the top. However, numerous studies do show that it helps increase satiety and feelings of fullness. This can then reduce appetite and help you consume fewer calories. It is advisable to combine apple cider vinegar with garcinia cambogia, due to the appetite-controlling qualities of HCA, a central component of the latter ingredient.

Apple Cider Vinegar Review: Side Effects

ACV might have numerous reputable and substantiated positive effects, but it’s not without its negatives. For example, the acidic content can eat away at tissues, especially if you take too much. This includes skin irritation if you apply it topically. It also includes the esophagus and tooth enamel, as well as stomach and intestinal linings. Because of the potential harshness, it is recommendable to dilute before using. There is also the possibility of problematic drug interactions. If you take diuretics, laxatives or insulin, consult a physician before using regularly. And while ACV is generally good for digestion, it can also negatively impact these processes. You might experience gassiness, indigestion or heartburn as a result of ingesting ACV.

The bottom line of our apple cider vinegar review, however, is that it is largely a helpful substance with a lot of advantages.

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