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Cleanse diets and detox routines are trending big-time in the health and wellness world. Not only are these methods helpful for weight loss, but they also offer a variety of additional benefits. It should stand to reason that the more effectively and efficiently our digestive system is operating, the better our metabolism and fat-burning success.

There are numerous colon cleanse supplements and detox capsules available on the market. New formulas are emerging each week and we have encountered some truly remarkable products in this category. But there are also a number of diet plans conducive to supporting superior digestive function. Some of them reliably work, and others do not. A few mainstream techniques are not advisable in the least.

We’ll cover some of the most common cleanse diets below. But first, let’s go over the health benefits of detoxing.

What are Cleanse Diets?

It’s a nutrition plan that works to clear waste remnants and inhibiting materials from your digestive tract and colon. Over time, these problematic toxins tend to build up in our gut. This can have an extremely negative effect on our metabolism, and our ability to derive the full nutrient value from food we eat. This reflects in many forms, such as inexplicable weight gain, fatigue, lethargy, stomach aches, wavering focus and more.

An effective cleansing regimen can help produce higher levels of energy and productivity while kicking your weight loss program into gear. There are many different detox supplements available, often featuring green coffee bean extract as a main ingredient, but when it comes to dietary alterations, here are some of the most prominent.

Most Popular Cleanse Diets

The Master Cleanse. Here’s how this one works: you mix together a bunch of ingredients including maple syrup, cayenne pepper, lemon water and a specific kind of tea. Then you consume this liquid — and ONLY this liquid — for a period of 10 days. The idea is that these properties in isolation will spark rapid slimming action. The approach became popularized after a pop superstar and actress used it to drop significant weight for a film role. This method can indeed lead to a quick drop on the scale but it is not generally considered healthy or particularly safe. Failing to get enough calories pushes our body into starvation mode, which is counterproductive in the big picture.

Green Smoothie Cleanse. Load fruits and veggies into a blender and drink them daily. That’s the idea behind this vitamin-packed diet, and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, if you frame your eating habits completely around these smoothies you tend to miss out on other critical nutrients such as protein. We recommend drinking these smoothies in addition to a more robust diet rather than completely replacing solid foods.

Juice Cleanse. We’re sure you’ve heard of it. The juice cleanse has plenty of notoriety. As the name suggests, it involves drinking natural fruit juices exclusively over a stretch of time — typically a week or so. But again, when you miss out on solid foods you can malnourish your body and cause adverse effects. Plus, while they boast plentiful vitamins, fruit juices are also very high in sugar.


In general, it is a much better idea to use these liquid-based diets as an addition to your diet, rather than cutting out everything else. This can still offer detoxifying advantages while ensuring your body gets everything it needs to thrive. Take a look at some of the top cleanse supplements and natural detox pills if you want an easy way to target waste materials without resorting to gimmicks and fads. You can also add in a product like garcinia cambogia to further maximize the weight loss benefits.

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