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Group fitness is in. The advantages of this approach are numerous and significant. Not only does it make for a more engaging and less boring exercise experience. It also increases motivation. When there are others working out alongside you, the social component can help compel you to push yourself harder. The psychological implications of this dynamic are well evidenced. In order to leverage this benefit, spin classes are now one of the most popular staples at many gyms. And in this age of digital capabilities and on-demand offerings, it should come as no surprise that online spin classes are beginning to gain a lot of traction.

Spin classes are great. It involves a large group of individuals simultaneously pedalling on exercise bikes, usually with an instructor leading the tempo and offering up shouts of encouragement. Oftentimes, these classes will feature loud, energetic music to keep the intensity fully clicking. And to be sure, a spin class can deliver a truly powerful workout. With sessions lasting anywhere from 30 to 75 minutes, participants can burn nearly 1,000 calories in a relatively short time. You’ll sweat. You’ll breathe hard. And if you stick with it you can potentially lose a bunch of weight in a hurry.

But there are difficulties involved with taking part in these classes, and I’m not just talking about the challenge of making it through a brutal session. Barriers exist that could prevent you from being able to access an in-person spin class. Most notably, there is the cost. You probably will need a membership to a gym, and sometimes there can be fees for these classes above and beyond that. There is also the matter of timing and convenience. These group fitness classes aren’t scheduled around your availability, so if you can’t find a time that works for you, you might be out of luck. At least, unless you give online spin classes a shot.

Benefits of Online Spin Classes

Participating in an online spin class enables you to virtually experience the invigorating elements of a real session, while using a bike at home. You can watch on any monitor and get a high-def feed with other riders and a leader. There are also peloton cycling classes, which utilize even more advanced tech for a more immersive experience. This can help lessen the cost burdens of attending regular spin classes. Obviously you’ll need to buy an exercise bike if you don’t have one, and many of the online spin classes are not free to download or broadcast. However, once you get past the up-front cost, it’s going to be much less expensive. Participating in online spin classes tends to cost only a fraction of the real deal.

There is also the convenience of customization. Not only can you engage in online spin classes whenever you want, you can also control the timing and duration. Don’t have an hour to set aside? Cut it down and go for a 30-minute workout. Everything is in your own hands as you experience the benefits of group fitness without the restraints of a group. Plus, you don’t have to drive back and forth from the gym.

All in all, it’s pretty easy to see why online spin classes are becoming so popular. For some, nothing like this will be able to mimic the true feeling of working out alongside other people in a gym setting. But it might surprise you how much you can get into it. And how much simpler it is.

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