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Hunger is a powerful impulse. In fact, it is arguably one of the most powerful we experience. In theory, it seems like it should be easy to ignore your brain’s urge to consume food, but in reality it’s a lot harder. Eating and receiving calories is one of our core survival functions, so our wiring in this regard is pretty hardcore. Difficulty controlling appetite and managing food intake is one of the biggest challenges that dieters face. When it comes to keeping the calories in/calories out challenge in check, the former can be a constant struggle. But what if you could alter the hormone that fundamentally affects the desire to eat? Therein lies the basis of utilizing leptin for weight loss.

Leptin is a word that derives from the Greek term for “thin.” Its nickname is the satiety hormone, because it is chiefly responsible for inhibiting hunger and appetite in humans. It runs counter to ghrelin, which is the hunger hormone. When the balance of these two hormones is out of whack, we have a recipe for weight gain. Many people who deal with obesity carry an innate lack of sensitivity to leptin. In essence, their brains tell them they are hungry even when they’re not. This can be extremely difficult to overcome. Hormones are among the most powerful neuro-messengers in our bodies. But what if we can advantageously leverage leptin for weight loss? Several supplement types aim for this very outcome.

Using Leptin for Weight Loss

The vast majority of weight loss plans ultimately prove futile. It’s not because we don’t put in the work or because the methods are useless. In most cases people do shed significant pounds initially. It is in the aftermath, however, where we hit a wall. Dieters almost always gain the weight that they lost back, and often more. This is due to simple physiological realities. Your body is averse to rapid change, so when you quickly lose a bunch  of weight, it typically increases ghrelin output. This compels you to eat more, and pack those pounds right back on. It’s a frustrating cycle that causes many health-conscious individuals to throw up their hands and give up.

Utilizing leptin for weight loss is a tactic for counteracting this effect and breaking the cycle. When our body sends out leptin (usually deployed from fat cells) it is signalling that we have ample energy stores and don’t need food. We all have innate, genetically programmed levels of this hormone, but when we lose weight and cut down on fat, it tends to decrease. Thus, the issue above rears its head. So, how does leptin work when it comes to dieting? Can we take a leptin supplement and shift the tides in this battle? Unfortunately, there is little evidence suggesting that diet pills can effectively utilize leptin for weight loss purposes.

Because the property is a digestible protein, we can’t receive it and absorb it through a capsule. Instead, leptin supplements use ingredients that, theoretically, work to increase its presence and impact. When it comes to keeping hunger in check, there are a number of supplements aiming to control appetite that do the job more effectively. Ingredients such as hydroxycitric acid (found in garcinia cambogia pills), coenzyme Q10 and good old B vitamins are more useful in this regard.

While conceptually leveraging the hormone leptin for weight loss seems like a great idea, it doesn’t work as well practically.

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