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Guarana seed has been around for quite a while and for a variety of purposes. The name derives from an Amazonian tribe who used the seed to brew medicinal drinks. Most often, the Guarana seed is used as a weight loss supplement, athletic performance enhancement, stimulant, and energy booster. This isn’t the end of the list, though; some use it a s an aphrodisiac, low blood pressure treatment, and pain reliever. When a natural ingredient has this many proposed uses, it is helpful to review how the ingredient actually works, and if it might be beneficial for you. In this article, I will review Guarana seed ingredient info, including its uses, possible side effects, and benefits.

Guarana Seed Ingredient Info

There is a lot to cover here, so we’re going to break it down into commonly asked questions.  We’ll be covering what guarana seed is used for, common claims that advertisers make, benefits and potential side effects.  Let’s dive right in!

What Is The Guarana Seed Used For?

Most people use some method to stay energized throughout the day. Whether it’s a coffee or an energy drink, most people report that they need some kind of boost to make it through the day’s tasks. These are not the healthiest options, however, and they often make you crash several hours later. For people seeking a healthier option, Guarana is a good alternative. Guarana does contain caffeine, so this is why it really works as an alternative energy booster. It does not, however, give you the jitters or the comedown of coffee or energy drinks because the Guarana stimulant is released slowly, giving you extended energy throughout the day. So, while it won’t hit as hard as a strong cup of joe, Guarana gives long-lasting and steadily delivered energy.

Does Guarana Seed Make Me Smarter?

The answer to this, and to the more general question; “Will a supplement make me smarter?“, is, unequivocally, no. When people advertise Guarana as improving memory and alertness, they are not suggesting that it enhances your cognitive ability. The advantage of Guarana Seed over coffee is that it has none of the side effects of coffee, but still makes you alert and attentive. As you know from drinking coffee, those caffeinated effects do not make you smarter, simply more attentive to your task.

What Are Guarana Seed Benefits?

Guarana Seed has also been used to aid weight loss. Studies have shown that those who consume Guarana seed were more likely to lose weight than the control group. They lost, on average, eleven pounds as a group compared to 1 pound in the control group. The Guaranis, an Amazonian tribe for whom the seed is named after, also used the Guarana seed to increase endurance, cure fatigue, relieve headaches, and reduce fever. By far, however, the Guarana seed is going to be found most commonly in energy boosting supplements.

Does Guarana Have Any Side Effects?

If you need an energy boost in your day but are trying to ween off coffee, Guarana may be right for you. This is a safe and natural ingredient, and side effects are very rare. As with any medicinal solution, whether natural or prescription, taking a larger dose than recommended can be unsafe. Make sure you do your research on any supplement and its ingredients, and follow the label’s directives. The most problematic interactions with Guarana seed are going to be other kinds of stimulants. Definitely do not take Guarana extract with any kind of amphetamine. Drinking caffeinated beverages will magnify the effects as well, and cause additional nervousness and anxiety.

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