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Going green is a popular choice these days, and I’m not just talking about the eco-friendly movement for environmental sustainability. Many people are also turning from the standard roasted brown coffee beans to the raw, green version. The benefits of doing so are notable. Green coffee beans offer some interesting advantages while bypassing a few of the side effects that diminish standard coffee’s appeal. With that being said, are there green coffee side effects that push the balance in the other direction? No ingredient or property is without its downsides, so today we’ll examine those as they relate to these raw and pure extracts.

The first question you have here might be… well, what’s wrong with brown coffee beans? The roasted, java-brewing ingredients are a daily staple for many of us. If you feel you can’t get your day going without a hot cup of joe or two, you’re not alone. And I’m not here to say there’s really anything wrong with that. Traditional coffee isn’t terribly unhealthy, especially if you take it black. But it can cause problems for some individuals. Chief among them are the digestive issues. When you’re guzzling down mug after mug of hot liquid, it can do a number on your stomach. In more severe cases, this can lead to vomiting or bowel movement irregularity, but more often it’s simply an upset stomach.

There are also the side effects that tie to consuming a lot of caffeine. These can include restlessness, insomnia, anxiety, jitters, agitation, headaches and more. Now, to be clear, since they relate to the caffeine factor, so they tend to arise as potential green coffee side effects as well. But let’s weigh the relative upside of this raw and unroasted version, particularly as it pertains to weight loss.

Green Coffee and Weight Loss

For many people, drinking those cups of coffee every morning carries this one major drawback. If you’re not a fan of plain black coffee, then you’re probably adding cream and sugar. Maybe a lot. This adds up to significant calories and fat intake. Suddenly that’s not such a healthy drink. Taking green coffee beans — usually in supplement form — enables you to avoid these additives. But the green coffee weight loss benefits do not stop there. There is one particular element that makes this property a superstar of the slimming industry.

During the roasting process that turns them from green to brown, coffee beans lose a compound called chlorogenic acid. This expands the ingredient’s weight loss capabilities beyond the standard metabolism kick that caffeine provides. Studies offer some evidence that this phytochemical can help lower blood pressure and further boost metabolism. Plus, you still get the energy boost from caffeine while avoiding the potential digestive hazards of slugging hot coffee. So while we can clearly see the benefits, what are the green coffee side effects? There have to be some, right?

Are There Green Coffee Side Effects?

As mentioned earlier, green coffee contains caffeine, just as brown coffee beans do. Therefore, you will face the possibility of negative caffeine reactions, especially if you take it in excess. These, again, can include headaches, shakiness, irritability and other standard stimulant issues. However, beyond those, there are no prominent green coffee side effects. It’s just another reason to give it a try if you’re looking for a coffee alternative. Green coffee extract supplements are widely available on shelves and in stores. Relative to many other dietary suppplements, they are not especially expensive.

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