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People use green coffee bean extract for a number of reasons. First of all, unroasted coffee beans are reported to have many health benefits. Because, they contain a lot of antioxidants and natural caffeine. In addition to that, they can help regulate blood flow and the way your body handles sugar and metabolism. So, there are numerous reasons people reach for this ingredient, and many different health benefits as well. Because, unroasted or green coffee beans contain Chlorogenic Acid. And, studies show this acid can help with many different health problems.
One of the main ways you’ll see this extract used is in diet or cleanse supplements. And, that’s because studies show that Chlorogenic Acid can actually help burn away body fat. In clinical trials, this supplement is shown to have the ability to increase the body’s fat burn. In addition to that, it stops the body from converting all the fat and sugar we eat into stored body fat. Instead, it encourages the body to use that as fuel. But, this extract does come with a few side effects if you don’t use it correctly, because of the caffeine content. Read about a few below:

Green Coffee Bean Extract Side Effects

  • Anxiety And Stomach Changes: Too much caffeine can also cause an increase in anxiety in some individuals. For example, if you already have an existing anxiety disorder, this extract’s caffeine can increase nervous and anxious feelings. Another thing this extract can cause is diarrhea. Because, too much caffeine can increase your body’s natural waste removal system. So, if you take too much of this extract, you’ll be hitting the bathroom more often. The same goes for anyone suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome, for similar reasons.
  • General Side Effects: One of the main things people struggle with when taking too much green coffee bean extract is the caffeine content. It’s thought that the safe dose of this extract is below 480 mg. So, the majority of these side effects only happen when you take too much. But, caffeine can cause a lot of different problems in people, especially when they take too much at one time. For example, this extract can cause nausea, vomiting, increased heart rate, anxiety, restlessness, ringing in ears, etc.
  • Lowered Blood Sugar: On the more serious side, when taken in excess, this extract can mess with blood sugar levels. And, that can be dangerous for anyone who struggles with Diabetes. Because, the caffeine content can mess with a diabetic person’s ability to process sugar. And, it can cause rapid decreases in blood sugar. So, if you have diabetes or blood sugar problems, exercise caution and monitor your blood sugar more often. Because, too much caffeine isn’t good for the body no matter how healthy you are. And, that’s why you should always take this ingredient as directed.
  • High Blood Pressure: One thing to be aware of is too much caffeine from this extract can also cause high blood pressure. Because, that extra push could increase your heart rate and make blood pressure rise, as well. But, this effect might only happen in people who don’t consume caffeine every day already.
  • Decreased Calcium In Body: Finally, too much caffeine from this extract can actually cause the body to void its levels of calcium. Because, caffeine actually makes the body flush out calcium in the urine. And, over time, this can lead to weakened bones and teeth. That means you need to be more careful if you have brittle bones or osteoporosis. But, if you still want to use this ingredient, a calcium supplement may offset this effect.

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