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It’s Greek to me! The famous saying refers to a lack of implicit understanding. In that light, we felt it would be fitting to shine a light on Greek yogurt. This increasingly popular food option carries a shroud of mystery in the eyes of many. What differentiates it from other types of yogurt? What are the Greek yogurt health benefits and, conversely, what are its negatives? Should you be aiming to include it in your breakfast, lunch or snack routines? Today, we’ll break down the nutritional content of this this creamy delight.

Identifying Greek yogurt in the grocery aisle isn’t too difficult. You’ll see it pretty clearly on the labels. Manufacturers are sure to brand it clearly because of the product’s rapidly growing traction with consumers. The widespread understanding of Greek yogurt health benefits is quickly increasing. With such a health-conscious and diet-focusing society, it isn’t hard to see why.

The process of creating Greek yogurt involves much more straining than the standard variety, removing a higher percentage of liquids. This produces a thicker texture and also removes much of the lactose. It is within these distinctions of that Greek yogurt gains much of its relative nutritional value. Now, we’re certainly not trying to say that regular yogurt is not good for you. But there is a strong case to be made for Greek yogurt health benefits exceeding its traditional alternative. When you taste the former, you’ll notice the difference in texture and taste. When it enters your body, here are some differences that will come into play.

Greek Yogurt Health Benefits

Yogurt, in general, has a lot of wellness perks. These are the ones that separate Greek yogurt and give it an additional edge.

Greek Yogurt is Loaded with Protein! The protein content of Greek yogurt is almost double that of normal yogurt. Since protein is one of the most beneficial nutrients in yogurt, this is important. Obviously it’s an important nutritional category for bodybuilders, but protein carries plenty of advantages for anyone. It’ll help you develop a lean body.

Greek Yogurt Has More Probiotics. You can find these healthy bacteria in any kind of yogurt with live cultures (the result of using fermented milk in production). But one of the key Greek yogurt health benefits is its higher concentrations of these powerful digestion supporters. Probiotics offer a number of benefits for weight loss, detox and otherwise.

Greek Yogurt is Lower in Carbohydrates. As more and more weight loss research illuminates, carbs are the enemy. They have a stronger correlation with weight gain than fat, despite previous conceptions otherwise. Taking sweeteners and sugars out of the equation, Greek yogurt carries about half the carbs of regular yogurt.

Greek Yogurt is Lower in Sodium. Your standard yogurt will have about twice as much sodium as the Greek version. Another perk in its favor.

Downsides of Greek Yogurt

While the Greek yogurt health benefits are substantial, it’s not all roses. One thing to note is that, due to its concentration, Greek yogurt has about three times the saturated fat content of regular yogurt. While there are good and bad types of fat, this ranks in the latter category. Now, as we alluded above, the drop-off in carbs sort of overshadows this. But it’s a note of caution and a reason to moderate your intake.

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