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Worth the weight? It’s a question that everyone must confront when considering a new slimming supplement or approach. Of course, when shedding extra weight is the goal, we’re always looking for an edge. What can accelerate the process and get us to where we want to be most quickly? These are key factors, but they always must be weighed against the side effects. Is it worth losing weight a little faster if it means exposing your body to risks or potential adverse reactions? You are probably aware the garcinia cambogia has emerged as one of the most trendy and popular weight loss supplement ingredients out there. But is garcinia safe to take? What kind of negative outcomes might you encounter as a result of utilizing this fat-burning property?

First, let’s cover the basics of what garcinia cambogia is and what it does. This gourd-shaped citrus fruit goes by a few other names, such as gummi-gutta, brindleberry and Malabar tamarind. Harvested in regions of Southeast Asia, Indiea and central Africa, it largely grows in forests and tropical settings.

The usage of garcinia in native cultures traces back a long way. Its sweet flavor has made it a common staple in dishes such as curry. It also has medicinal uses tying to its perceived aid in healthy digestive function. But its usage in the weight loss space is relatively new. That’s because research in recent decades illuminated one particular property within the plant’s extract as a powerful influencer of human metabolism and fat-burning. Hydroxycitric acid (HCA) has been the subject of numerous studies, shining light on its unique impacts on weight loss measures. You can best get your HCA fix through supplements, but is garcinia safe to take on a regular basis? Are there downsides that should deter you from giving it a try?

Is Garcinia Safe to Take Daily?

The typical recommendation typically falls between 500 and 1500 mg. Usually a single garcinia capsule will carry about 500 mg of formula content, and the standard daily use involves two servings daily. Studies find this amount to be safe for consumption. In comparison with a lot of the other diet pills out there, it helps that garcinia cambogia is a natural solution. You’ll definitely want to find a completely pure blend, but in that case, there aren’t the typical fillers or binders that can cause issues. Typically when you are using a plant extract for any health purpose it’s going to be generally free of serious risks, and that’s the case here. Those wondering is garcinia safe to take can largely breathe easy.

Now, this is not to say necessarily that no one will ever experience any adverse reactions. Occasionally, some user experience gastrointestinal issues such as discomfort. Nausea and headaches are also rare occurrences. Additionally, people taking certain drugs should be cautious about using garcinia supplements.

Garcinia Cambogia Drugs Interactions

Is garcinia safe to take with the drugs you’re already taking? In some cases, you may want to think twice. For instance, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitos (SSRIs), typically prescribed as antidepressants, could have negative reactions. If you take these for medical purposes already, then definitely consult your doctor before you start taking garcinia.

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