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If you pay attention to the world of weight loss supplements, then you are surely familiar with garcinia cambogia. This natural plant based ingredient rose to prominence several years ago and has become a mainstay in the industry. There is good reason for this. The fat-burning advantages of garcinia have more backing from science and research than just about any other supplement ingredient out there. But recently, another property with a similar name has begun rising to prominence. More and more, people are taking an interest in garcinia mangostana weight loss effects. What differentiates this fruit from garcinia cambogia? Is it worth exploring for the calorie-conscious consumer?

The Purple Mangosteen Plant

Garcinia mangostana comes from the purple mangosteen plant, which looks fairly similar to the garcinia cambogia plant. The two have the same gourd-like shape, as well as a similar tangy citrus taste. However, the most obvious distinction is in the coloring. While the garcinia cambogia fruit carries a light orange hue, the mangosteen is a deep purple. Mangosteen is native to Indonesia and appears in many dishes locally as a flavoring agent. Due to exporting restrictions, you will rarely find it on grocery shelves in North American and elsewhere, and it’s expensive when you do come across it — up to $60 per pound! However, garcinia mangostana weight loss supplements are now fairly common and far more affordable.

Garcinia Mangostana Weight Loss Benefits

The mangosteen is a versatile plant and across the globe, people use it for a wide variety of health purposes. Among the common applications are for boosting immune function, improving mental health, treating eczema and other skin conditions, and more. Some believe that it can help reduce diarrhea due to the presence of tannins in its rind. Additionally, we frequently see its usage in connection with urinary tract infections. However, the scientific evidence behind these benefits is rather sparse. When it comes to garcinia mangostana weight loss implications, though, there is considerable intrigue.

Garcinia mangostana first began appearing alongside Sphaeranthus indicus (a flowering plant from India) in a patented formula called Meratrim. You can find this on the label of a number of different ingredients. In conjunction, the idea is that these properties will positively influence the concentration of adiponectin in the human body. This hormone plays a significant role in insulin absorption. Specifically, higher levels of adiponectin means that your muscle cells tend to absorb more nutrients as energy. This leaves fewer to convert into fat cells, fundamentally altering the production of excess flab.

It isn’t clear whether the garcinia mangostana weight loss effects necessarily outdistance those of garcinia cambogia. There is far less research on this ingredient. On its own, there isn’t as much meaningful data that it can mimic the impact. However, there is a belief that xanthones in the fruit’s peel play a specific role in fat-burning. If you find a reasonably priced supplement featuring this ingredient, it’s worth a try. Different solutions obviously work for different people. It could well be the case the whereas garcinia cambogia won’t deliver the results you want, its cousin might.

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