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Looking past its weird name, there’s no denying that forskolin wields serious weight loss benefits. The natural supplement ingredient has emerged as one of the world’s most popular in recent years. The reason for this vary. It received attention from media and popular daytime TV shows, catapulting it to the national spotlight. It notoriously assisted some high-profile celebrity transformations. And then there is the simple fact that research and evidence back up forskolin’s efficacy in specific ways. But is forskolin safe for everyday use? Are there side effects you should be aware of before adding it to your regimen?

What is Forskolin Extract?

First, let’s go over the basics. What is forskolin? This extract dervies from the Indian Coleus plant, aka Coleus forskohlii. This flowering tropical perennial has long captured the attention of scientists and researchers for its medicinal qualities. In its native South American regions, it is a home remedy for a variety of ailments. But in recent years, the focus has changed. Now, there is great intrigue with the forskolin extract and its impact on cellular physiology. We’re always looking for ingredients that can offer distinct, explicable benefits for weight loss. Forskolin does so.

This is because the extract activates a specific enzyme within the human body. Cyclic AMP (cAMP) is a messenger that plays a vital role in the exchange of cellular signals and hormone control. The process is complex, but in short, higher levels of cAMP leads to higher metabolic function. Your body more effectively burns fat within adipose tissue. This dynamic most directly impacts the gut and abdomen. Of course, since that’s a primary problem spot for many who are seeking to lose weight, this makes the appeal of forskolin as a supplement property obvious. But is forskolin safe or are there negative elements that diminish its luster?

Is Forskolin Safe?

The lack of in-depth comprehensive research on this ingredient is somewhat limited from a data standpoint. But it is fair to wonder, is forskolin safe, given that it’s making this acute cellular impact? The answer appears to be: mostly, yes. Like most natural plant-based ingredients, forskolin lacks the harsh or unnatural interactions that some artificial properties do. Its side effects tend to be rare and rather mild. These can include an increase in risk of bleeding or a drop in blood pressure.

In isolation, these outcomes won’t be problematic for most people. However, those with certain conditions or situations may want to avoid the ingredient. For instance, if you just underwent surgery, or are going to soon, the bleeding risk can be more of a concern. Those who take medications or treatments for heart disease also should have reservations. And if you’re pregnant, it’s probably best to stay away. There aren’t many prominent risks but the lack of study is enough to deter the idea.

However, for the most part forskolin is a safe weight loss ingredient that you shouldn’t worry about taking. It offers some auxiliary benefits like increasing energy and potentially increasing bone density, so there are reasons to give it a shot. Among healthy fat-burning supplements, it carries more backing and substance than most.

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