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It’s a universally unpleasant feeling. It’s also one that almost everyone deals with at one time or another. For some, it is a repetitive, consistent struggle. Stomach bloating can bog us down while detracting from our focus and productivity. Anyone who experiences it frequently is surely searching for an answer regarding how to fix bloating.

First, a primer on the issue at hand. Abdominal bloating refers to instances where our stomach feels uncomfortably full. Usually this relates to gaseous build-up. It can result in cramps, aches and digestive issues. In some cases it presents as a visibly swollen gut, which is frustrating for anyone. There have certainly been instances where I’ve been getting ready to go out, only to find my pants don’t fit because of this condition.

So, how to fix bloating quickly when such symptoms arise? There are a few different methods that work for people. Some of them are acute measures you can take to relieve the problem when it arises, whereas other are more big-picture lifestyle habits. We will break them down in detail in order to equip you with the necessary information to minimize the impact of bloating.

How to Fix Bloating: Daily Steps

Don’t Overeat!

The number one cause of bloating is actually not a medical issue. Sometimes we simply eat too much during a meal and then feel uncomfortable pressure afterwards. For those with smaller stomachs, this effect is more prevalent. The answer is simple: slow down when you’re eating, so you can more easily recognize when you’re full. Divvy up smaller portions. Drink lots of water while you eat to increase the feeling of fullness. In general, it is advisable to eat several small meals each day rather than a couple very large ones. This assists with high-functioning metabolism and, of course, helps prevent feelings sypmtomatic of abdominal bloating.

Cut Down on Carbonation

Very often, gases collect in our stomach that create the sensation of bloating and cramping. So when discussing how to fix bloating, we recommend avoiding fizzy drinks like soda and beer whenever possible. When you consume these liquids, you are basically swallowing air, which often has nowhere to go once inside you. Additionally, while it is typically wise to get a lot of fiber in your diet, too much can make you gassy and lead to bloating.

Use Peppermint

This refreshing green leafy mint has plenty of advantages beyond giving you fresh breath. It is a naturally soothing property that many people rely on to help with stomach issue and conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome. Its helpful antimicrobial qualities can make a big difference. Peppermist oil is a good way to go.

Take Probiotic Supplements

Based on the concept of using healthy bacteria to support your natural digestive processes, probiotics are popular weight loss supplements. They can help enzymes in our stomach and intestines properly break down and metabolize the foods and drinks we consume. For this very reason, probiotics also help answer the question of how to fix bloating because they can counteract bad bacteria that create gas or contribute to digestive problems in other ways.

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