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Exercise trends go in and out of style in the same intriguing wave that seems to impact everything from the clothes that we wear to the food that we eat.  In the last several years, we’ve experienced everything from weights that you vigorously shake to cycling as fast as possible in place.  And, that’s not even a fraction of what’s out there.  Of course, if you’re like most of us, you don’t want to be years behind in your exercise routine any more than you want to be wearing the clothes of the previous decade.  So, what are some of the big exercise trends of 2018?  We’ve got the master list right here.

Exercise Trends of 2018: Overview

Why should you be in on some of the big exercise trends of 2018?  Aren’t trends sometimes a bad thing?  Well, sure, when we’re talking about parachute pants.  But, when it comes to the exercise trends of 2018, it’s in your best interest to hop onboard the train.  Why?  Well, firstly, it could benefit you socially – when everybody’s talking about the hot new exercise trend at work, you might actually have an opinion.  And, you could sign up for a class and meet lots of new people.  Plus, you may have more classes and teachers to choose from if you go with a type of activity that’s really hot right now.  So, let’s dive into this list of the top exercise trends of 2018 so that you know what to throw your money down on.

Exercise Trends of 2018: Aerial Silks

You might think that this exercise trend is reserved just for the circus.  But, it’s totally not!  Aerial silks have earned a spot on our exercise trends of 2018 list because they’re epic for boosting upper body strength.  But, they may also help with flexibility, and they’re also great for ballerinas, trapeze artists, and dancers.  So, if you like to get active but you need something a little different, aerial silks might end up on your list of favorite exercise trends of 2018.

Exercise Trends of 2018: Aquatic Treadmill

Swimming is a super popular sport for young and old people alike, partially because it’s a full-body workout, it’s good for respiratory control, and it’s not as stressful on joints as hard-impact sports.  But, have you heard of the aquatic treadmill?  This fad earns its place on our exercise trends of 2018 list because it has the benefits of swimming, plus you run underwater.  So, you have to use a lot of energy and core strength to do it.  Plus, it’s great for summer.

Exercise Trends of 2018: Battle Rope and Fitness Ladder

We’re grouping these two in together because they’re not exactly full workouts on their own, at least in our opinion.  But, the battle rope and fitness ladder have certainly earned their spot on our exercise trends of 2018 list.  And, that’s because we’re seeing them in gym warmups and workouts everywhere.  The battle rope is a long, heavy rope that you hold and move around however your instructor tells you to – and while that sounds easy, it’s not.  The fitness ladder, on the other hand, is more about agility.  Plus, they’re great for big group settings because you can race each other down across the ladder.  And, this is one you could probably buy for yourself and try at home.  We hope that you get a chance to do everything on our list of the top exercise trends of 2018!

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