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So you’ve decided that you need to get in shape. Or build muscle. Or lose weight. Whatever your fitness goals are, you’ve decided it’s time. But you don’t have time or energy or money to get to the gym. So now you’re wondering what are the Best Workouts At Home? This will have a different answer for everyone. Since people have different goals with their fitness. But there is something for everyone! So let’s dive in and explore some of the Best Workouts At Home.

Best Workouts At Home: Muscle Building

If you can’t go to the gym to get your gains, you might feel stuck. After all, you might not have all the equipment necessary to do what you want at home. But the truth is there are Best Workouts At Home for you to work on getting ripped! Because there are exercises you can do that you don’t need equipment for! Some examples would be squats, push-ups, planks, crunches, walking lunges, triceps dips, and other full body extension style strength training positions. It sounds bad, but the Best Workouts At Home for muscle building might be what you call “prison workouts.” That is, workouts you can do without equipment in a small space. IF prisoners can stay in shape, so can you.

Best Workouts At Home: Cardio

Cardio. Sweet, lovely cardio. Where you get all sweaty and can feel the fat coming off your body. Just kidding. We know you can feel your heart pounding at the end of a good cardio session, though. And you can get this at home. You don’t need to go to the gym. You can just go running outside! Okay, okay. You might be rolling your eyes. We imagine if you’re wanting the Best Workouts At Home for cardio, you’re not going to just settle for running. Which is why jumping jacks is a good alternative! Another joke. But seriously. There are fun ways to get cardio at home. And the Best Workouts At Home for cardio will be whatever you can keep up with. Do you like to dance? Turn on a dance video and have fun in the living room! Or look into the endless videos online of various cardio you can try in the comfort of your own home.

Best Workouts At Home: Restorative

If you have your cardio and muscle building exercises at home covered for now, you might be interested in the Best Workouts At Home for restorative. We’re talking about yoga. Yoga is a wonderful exercise practice (even if it has spiritual roots) and you can do it whenever, wherever. The internet is littered with free yoga material for you to use in the comfort of your own home. So all you need next is the motivation to go after these Best Workouts At Home! And that’s a whole other struggle.

Best Workouts At Home: The Bottom Line

You will need will power in order to make the most of any best workout at home. We hope we’ve given you some ideas. Or at least reminded you how simple exercise really is and that the real challenge is getting yourself into a routine and getting moving. But it is possible to become a gym rat while never actually going to the gym! Find what works for you, get into a routine, stick with it, feel better, lose weight, gain muscle, be awesome!

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