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We constantly see weight loss products and supplements marketed almost exclusively toward women. When you see advertisements and promos online, they usually include pictures of a smiling gals holding apples and wrapping measuring tape around their waists. In pink text, they feature messaging about the feminine importance of firming up. It can leave a guy to wonder: are there any men’s weight loss supplements out there? The drive for self improvement and a slimmer physique is not by any means unique to one gender. If a fellow wants to drop some serious pounds in a hurry, then what is he to do?

There is no specific category for men’s weight loss supplements. And the truth is that most popular blends will work for either males or females. There are some distinct advantages with certain formulas and approaches, however. Today our intention is to outline some of the best ways for men to lose weight. We’ll highlight a few today, including some sneaky contenders you may not be familiar with.

Exploring Men’s Weight Loss Supplements

Most of the pills and capsules you come across with conspicuously feminine marketing will work well enough for men. The truth is that there is simply a larger market on that side, and therefore it’s a logical approach. However, for the men who are looking to trim off extra fat, there are some men’s weight loss supplements with superior advantages. Let’s explore some of them:

Garcinia Cambogia Pills

As most are aware, garcinia cambogia is a star of supplement industry. Its double-edged attack on fat stores — boosting metabolism and reducing cravings — makes it an excellent and tenacious slimming support agent. And the primary active component within garcinia capsules, hydroxycitric acid (HCA), works equally well for men or women. It also provides a helpful energy boost that can prove handy for sports or workouts.


There is some evidence that amino acid based approaches can be more effective in males than females. As such, products featuring properties such as glutamine can provide a specific edge as men’s weight loss supplements. This particular amino acid plays an important role in regulating blood sugar and supporting digestive health. It’s very popular among guys who want to add lean muscle while targeting and eliminating fat stores.

Muscle Supplements

In particular, this is one area where men find a lot of success with losing weight. Muscle is our best natural fat-burner so finding ways to enhance your lean muscle development will invariably offer metabolic benefits that torch calories and act as potent men’s weight loss supplements. Some blends offer unique benefits in this regard, particularly those that deliver a testosterone boost. Take a look at formulas containing branched chain amino acids to bolster your workouts while simultaneously assisting weight loss goals.

The desire to bring down that number on the scale is one that men and women often share. Both genders undergo changes in life that make it more difficult to hold off excess weight. Therefore, both could use a little help attaining or maintaining the shape they desire. These men’s weight loss supplements can certainly play a big role.

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