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Green coffee extract has recently been a hot topic in the weight loss community because recent studies have showed it can help burn fat in people. Basically, green coffee beans are unroasted beans that still contain an extract called Chlorogenic Acid. And, Chlorogenic Acid is reported to improve weight loss, contain antioxidants, and improve your overall health. But, those aren’t the only reported benefits of green coffee. In fact, in some people it’s been shown to lower blood pressure and even increase your metabolism. Ready to get started on our list of the benefits of green coffee extract?

Benefits of Green Coffee Extract

Like we said above, there area  lot of reported benefits of Green Coffee Extract.  All you have to do is look at the marketing material for a Green Coffee supplement, and you’ll see a lot of the purported benefits.  But, are they based in reality…or more alternative fact?

1) Improves Weight Loss

Green coffee bean extract is thought to improve your body’s natural fat burn. Basically, everyone’s body breaks down and stores fat differently. And, some people’s breaks down a lot slower than others. So, you may store more body fat than, say, your friend. That can be incredibly frustrating, because you can’t lose weight as easily or even stay fit. But, green coffee has been proven to help improve people’s natural fat burning processes. In fact, it’s thought to help your body break down fat more efficiently. That means you can slim down and reach your weight loss goals.

2) Raises Metabolism

Green coffee bean extract is also reported to help raise your metabolism, which is another factor in weight loss. If your metabolism is slow, obviously you can’t lose weight as quickly. And, you gain weight faster than most people. Unfortunately, we eat so often and so much that many of us have made our metabolism’s dormant. In other words, they simply stopped being able to break down all the fat, carbs, and sugar we consume every day. Thankfully, you aren’t stuck with a lackluster metabolism anyone. Because, recent studies showed that green coffee bean extract raises metabolism.
Basically, it helps make sure your body doesn’t store as much fat as it normally does. Basically, we eat so much sugar and so many carbs that our liver instantly converts those things into body fat. And, that means your insulin spikes, and you can also have an increase in blood pressure. But, this extract helps boost your metabolism back up, and improve the way your body breaks down food. In other words, it encourages your body to use that fat and those calories as fuel, instead of storing it as fat. And, that’s why green coffee bean extract is so good for weight loss.

3) Reduces Blood Pressure

Recently, some studies suggest that this ingredient can even help lower blood pressure. Now, this could be linked to the extra fat burning this ingredient does for you. Basically, when you overeat, your body spikes insulin, which can raise blood pressure. In addition to that, junk food raises blood pressure, because it makes your body retain salt. But, now you can change all that with this one ingredient. So, if you want to lower blood pressure, a supplement containing this extract might work for you. And, you can lose weight at the same time, which also lowers blood pressure.

4) Powerful Source Of Antioxidants

Antioxidants are one of the most important things in our society to keep your body healthy. Truly, there are so many things in our world that can negatively affect our bodies. For example, things like UV rays, pollution, artificial food dyes, and synthetic food can all release free radicals into our bodies. And, free radicals mess with the DNA of our cells, which can lead to serious illness and even cancer. But, another benefit of this ingredient is that it contains tons of antioxidants, which can help block the damage of free radicals in your body.


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