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There are many reasons for a person to cut meat out of their diets. In many cases it’s an ethical decision. Some vegetarians choose this path because they believe eating animals is fundamentally wrong, or they (justifiably) take issue with the treatment of chickens, cows and pigs that are bred solely to be killed and turned into food is unacceptable. There are also the damaging environment effects of the meat industry, another reason to take a stand. But there’s another reason to consider replacing animal foods in your meal planning: weight loss. There are some distinct perks to a tofu diet that may surprise you.

As your probably know, tofu is the primary alternative to meat for vegetarians and others seeking a different options. Also known as bean curd, it is produced through a process that involves coagulating soy milk into curds. Its texture can vary it is usually chewy and fairly firm. Although it doesn’t have a strong taste on its own, one nice aspect of tofu is its ability to soak in flavors from the dish it appears in. Because of this, it’s a popular choice for pastas, Chinese food, and other saucy cuisine, even for those who aren’t trying to avoid meat. Because of its low expense and easy accessibility, embarking on a tofu diet is pretty easy.

Why Follow a Tofu Diet?

The beauty of tofu is that it’s very high in protein and very low in calories. It also often contains robust levels of iron, calcium and magnesium. Not only do you avoid much of the fat content that is often present in meat, but also potentially GMOs and contaminations from processing. Additionally, and perhaps most importantly, tofu contains extremely low amounts of carbohydrates. Many new age diet plans like the keto diet emphasize cutting down carbs over all other properties, including fats. The reason behind this is that carbs are more difficult to burn off and convert into energy. Therefore, a tofu diet is very much in line with modern thinking on the matter.

In addition to its high protein infusion, tofu also contains all eight essential amino acids. There is a belief that the phytoestrogens in tofu can also help lower bad cholsteserol levels. And beyond all that, tofu also boasts high levels of manganese, selenium and phosphorous. While it mimics the nutrient composition of many meat products, tofu takes away a lot of the negative aspects to deliver a truly enriching wellness source. Obviously there is a lot of value in building your diet around tofu if you subscribe to vegan or vegetarian beliefs but this soy-based material offers nutritional perks to anybody.

Is There Downside to a Tofu Diet?

Those phyotestrogens we mentioned earlier? They’re not all roses. There is some evidence suggesting that they could worsen female cancer types that affect the breasts, uterus or ovaries. Certain research indicates that these hormone-like properties can exacerbate malignant tumors in these regions. Additionally, the phytic acid within the soy could have negative digestive effects, like blocking nutrient absorption in the intestines. However, these negative associations mostly relate to an exclusive tofu diet, and even then they seem quite rare. Ultimately, including tofu in your diet in some capacity is an excellent idea for both weight loss and overall wellness.

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