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We love checking out new products.  We do a lot of Garcinia Cambogia reviews on this site, which makes sense (there are a lot of Garcinia products out there).  But, occasionally we’ll come across a new supplement that’s taking a fresh approach to weight loss.  This supplement comes to us today from the classic fruit that you probably already know and love.  And, from this fruit we get Advanced Slim Raspberry Ketones.  So, does this supplement really help you lose weight?  And, is it as effective as some of the other products we’ve reviewed?

If you’ve read our reviews before, you know that we’re always checking for the main ingredient and the price.  And, today was no different.  We went on over to the Advanced Slim Raspberry Ketones manufacturer’s site to see what the buzz was about.  And, in fact, we wanted to know exactly how raspberries could help us lose weight.  Plus, we wanted to see if it was something we could recommend to you guys.  So, how did the Advanced Slim Raspberry Ketones supplement hold up?  Keep reading to find out, or check out our favorite cleanse product by clicking the button below.


Advanced Slim Raspberry Ketones Effectiveness

Let’s talk for a second about what raspberry ketones are.  Ketones are what cause the aroma in many fruits and vegetables.  And, raspberry ketones provide that classic sweet scent and contribute to the full, yet tart flavor you get with most raspberries.  But, how can it help you shed pounds?  Well, raspberry ketones regulate adiponectin (yes, we looked it up, too).  Adiponectin is a protein that your body uses to control your metabolic rate.  But, that’s not all.  These ketones can also help break down fat faster and more effectively.

When it comes to Advanced Slim Raspberry Ketones, we were impressed by the science.  We know all about Garcinia on this site, but ketones were something that we were slightly less familiar with.  Luckily, we saw a lot of science hashed out on the manufacturer’s site.  And, there are some studies out there that talk about the possible benefits of raspberry ketones.  Plus, we came across some television segments were the hosts were lauding the effects of this supplement.  So, do we think it can work for you?  Yes.  Is it as effective as Garcinia Cambogia and hydroxycitric acid?  Well, that may depend on the person.  But, there’s no reason that you shouldn’t have some great benefits from this product.

Advanced Slim Raspberry Ketones and Advanced Trim Cleanse

What we were also intrigued by was that this supplement has a cleanse partner.  Now, that’s not SO rare in the weight loss supplement industry, but we haven’t reviewed a lot of products with pairs.  What’s the point of a pair, besides costing you more money?  Well, actually a lot of weight loss supplements have the potential to be really effective – but only if you get your body ready for them first.  Because, a lot of times, our bodies are kind of toxic.  And, they need a little cleanse before they can be ready to flush pounds the way you want to.  So, we were happy to see that this supplement recommended Advanced Trim Cleanse as a pair.  And, while you may think it will cost you an arm and a leg, both Advanced Slim Raspberry Ketones and Advanced Trim Cleanse offer a trial.

How to Order Advanced Slim Raspberry Ketones and Advanced Trim Cleanse

As usual, we’re not going to link to the site here, but a quick search should bring it right up.  Plus, you should be able to access a number of reviews out there that talk about the benefits of this product more in-depth.  And, if you do decide to go for this trial offer, we do recommend you check out the cleanse that goes with it.  However, if you want to see our favorite cleanse product, don’t forget to hit up the button above.  And happy supplement hunting!

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