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When you’re trying to lose weight, you can feel overwhelmed with all the advice you get from people on living healthy and the many ways to take the pounds off. So many diet fads out there. The keto diet seems effective and is quite popular these days, but it’s not for everyone. If you’re tired of fad diets or diets that don’t work for you. Or if you’re fed up with finding a simpler way to eat healthy, we are here with this brief article to offer you 10 Food Rules To Live By. Inspired by food-guru Michael Pollan, here they are…

Michael Pollan’s Food Rules

10 Food Rules To Live By Rule 1: Eat mostly plants (particularly leafy greens).

10 Food Rules To Live By Rule 2: Consume animals who have had good diets themselves. For example, grass-fed beef.

10 Food Rules To Live By Rule 3: Eat all the colors. Different colored plants represent all the various micronutrients in those plants. The more colors you eat, the more likely you’re getting a variety of different nutrients into your diet.

10 Food Rules To Live By Rule 4: Eat junk food, but only if you cook it yourself. This discourages you from getting fast food since making your own French fries, for instance, takes effort. But when you crave the junk and make it yourself from whole foods, the time, effort, and quality ingredients will remind you what a treat it is. And you won’t indulge very often since it takes work and planning!  

10 Food Rules To Live By Rule 5: Avoid white carbs. Whole grains are better. Avoid white bread, pasta, sugar, rice, etc… If you can / want to.  

10 Food Rules To Live By Rule 6: Can Grandma understand? If your grandma wouldn’t recognize an ingredient on the nutrition facts for some product as “food,” then it’s not really “food” and you shouldn’t be eating it.

10 Food Rules To Live By Rule 7: Shop smart. This means shopping on the periphery of grocery stores. The inner “box” of stores is where most of the processed junk is. If you stick to the outside, you’ll notice that’s where the fresh, whole foods are like veggies, fruits, meat, eggs, dairy products, etc.

10 Food Rules To Live By Rule 8: Eat like people do in different cultures. Such as the Japanese, French, Italians, or Greeks. These “traditional food cultures” are typically healthier than the modern Standard American Diet full of processed junk. Emulate them and you will likely feel better.  

10 Food Rules To Live By Rule 9: Snack on unprocessed foods. When you do go into snacking mode, grab some veggies and a yogurt dip instead of chips, for instance. Search online for more healthy snacking ideas.

10 Food Rules To Live By Rule 10: Stay away from the sugary stuff. Particularly any food product that has sugar or a sweetener listed in the top 3 ingredients.

Are These Rules For You?

Will these food rules work for you? Some of them may seem more compelling to you than others, but they offer some good ideas as well as some philosophical considerations for you to think about. Above all, they are simple. And that’s what makes these rules so powerful.

10 Food Rules To Live By: The Bottom Line

Only you know what makes you feel best when you eat, but these are some good rules to try if you feel like your current diet isn’t working for you. Best of luck!

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