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What Are The Main Causes Of Wrinkles?

Despite what you may have heard about what causes wrinkles, age is not the only factor. In fact, lots of factors contribute to the cause of wrinkles and some of them, like age, are unavoidable. The first cause is the most familiar factor, age.
Aging is an inevitable process that all humans will experience over time whether you like it or not. Although there are skin treatments that can help reduce the appearance on aging skin, wrinkles will eventually develop throughout the body. Wrinkles form as you age due to a loss in collagen, hydration and elasticity. Collagen is the protein responsible for keeping the skin firm and gives skin a plump look. Over time collagen decreases and creates a sagging effect on the skin due to a loss in elasticity. Hydration is also an important factor that contributes to aging skin. Just like your body needs water to feel refreshed and healthy, so does your skin. When your skin loses hydration, it starts to dry, crack and develop wrinkles.

Beware The Sun

One of the main causes of wrinkles has to do with exposure to the sun aka UV radiation. Over exposure to the sun has a dramatic effect on the skin that causes damage to all three layers of the skin over time. UV radiation is also the cause of premature aging and age spots. The effect of the sun on the skin is extremely damaging if not taken care of properly. Essentially, the sun breaks down the connective tissue and collagen/elastin proteins that keep the skin firm and smooth. When the skin breaks down, it loses the ability to hold itself up and therefor begins to sag and form wrinkles. The best way to protect yourself from premature aging from the sun is to wear sunblock! Always purchase skin creams that contain SPF protection.

Keep Calm, Stay Wrinkle Free?

Another cause of wrinkling is from repeated facial expressions. This is often times unavoidable unless treated with Botox or other forms of muscle stunting treatments. Expression lines show up around the corners of the mouth, eyes (crows feet) and the forehead. They are a result of smiling, laughing, squinting and even using straws.  So if you catch yourself frowning a lot, be careful, your mother was right, it might stay that way forever!

Don’t Smoke, People!

Last but not least, a fast way to develop wrinkles is by smoking. Smoking changes the composition of your blood supply and leads to deep grooves and creases in the face. Also, the act of smoking (sucking motions around the smoking device) causes lip wrinkles. The best thing to do to avoid smoking wrinkles is..well, stop smoking.  We have a big article on how smoking effects the skin, here!  Be sure to check it out!

The Wrinkly Truth

Here’s the unfortunate truth, you’re going to get wrinkles regardless of how well you treat your skin.  It’s just a fact of aging.  Our underlying structures become less healthy over time, and our ability to rebuild and maintain our bodies  is a well known sign of aging.

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