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Most of us understand the dramatic effect that the sun, and its ultraviolet radiation, can have on our skin. We expose ourselves to this harsh element nearly every day, and it takes a toll. Photoaging is the term for changes in the skin induced by exposure to the sun’s rays. It is, without question, the single biggest contributor to deterioration and visible wear. Wrinkles, crow’s feet, age spots, and structural breakdown all can manifest due to this dynamic. So clearly, ample protection is absolutely vital. What are some sunscreen alternatives that can help you in this ongoing battle?

Of course, using traditional sun block products will be helpful. With the proper SPF, these creams and lotions are excellent methods of reducing sun damage on your skin. But sunscreen is not without its downsides. These product tend to be messy and greasy, often leaving streaks on your skin that are difficult to hide. Many types also contain toxic ingredients that can actually be quite harmful.

And even if you don’t mind dealing with the negatives, it still can’t hurt to identify some sunscreen alternatives to add to your regimen. The more you’re protecting yourself against the sun’s ravaging impact, the better off you will be. So let’s examine some of the other measures that can help you fend off photoaging and maintain that youthful shine.

Best Sunscreen Alternatives

The number one strategy, as simple as it sounds, is staying out of the sun. Obviously this is virtually impossible as a stringent rule. But the more you can stay inside or in the shade on particularly harsh days, the better. Understandably you might want to get out and work on your tan while the sun is blazing, but over time this can really add up. For those times where you are venturing out into the radiating sunlight, here are some sunscreen alternatives that should help.

Wear SPF Clothing

There are many types of hats, shirts and accessories with SPF ratings. These apparel items are particularly effective at blocking sun damage. Keep an eye out for them. Additionally, try and cover your most vulnerable areas as much as possible. Wear a wide-brimmed hat that shades your face and neck. Wear big sunglasses that cover much of your face. Protect your arms with a loose, breathable long-sleeve shirt.

Consume UV-Fighting Nutrients

Your diet can play a rather significant role in your biological defense against UV radiation. Emphasizing certain components makes a different. In particular, you will want to aim for omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants. These are very natural skin-healthy solutions as sunscreen alternatives.

Try Natural Sun Blocking Oils

Many herbal properties contain inherent SPF characteristics. These can be less messy and artificial sunscreen alternatives that still offer meaningful support. Among the options with benefits in this regard are sesame oil, carrot seed oil, raspberry seed oil and coconut oil. There are also sunscreens with all-natural ingredients that are worth a try. Additionally, aloe vera is a solid choice. We tend to view this as a gel for application to soothe after burning. But aloe blocks about 20 percent of sunlight, so applying beforehand can help. Be cautious of the drying effects it can have on your skin.

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