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Ever woken up after a full night’s sleep, fully refreshed and energetic, and you look in the mirror and you look like the lady from the ring?  That’s because that contrary to popular opinion, the causes of dark circles go far beyond sleep deprivation.  So if you’re struggling with dark circles or want to learn how to prevent them, definitely check out our list!  Let’s get started.

What Are Dark Circles?

Before we delve into what causes dark circles, let take a look at what dark circles are in the first place. By definition, dark circles are the darkening of skin located underneath the eyes. Dark circles are typically a harmless skin condition that should not be confused with bruising or swelling. The dark color is a result of hyper pigmentation which is when an excess of melanin is released around the eyes. Now that we know what dark circles are, let’s check out what causes them! There are loads of different reasons, but here are a few that are more significant.

Top Causes of Dark Circles:

Sleep Deprivation

Have you ever woken up from a restless sleep or nap and looked in the mirror only to find that the skin under your eyes is baggy and dark? This is a common cause of dark circles. This happens because not getting enough sleep causes the vessels in your skin to dilate creating a dark tint (dark circles). The bags are a result of the blood vessels expanding and building up fluid under the eyes. This can be prevented by getting a good night’s rest!

Aging Skin

Aging skin is a no brainer cause, but a cause nonetheless! As you age, your skin breaks down the proteins necessary to keep the skin happy and healthy. As a result, skin tends to wrinkle, sag and increase melanin production. Excess melanin under the eyes causes dark circles. It can also cause age spotting and dry skin. Unfortunately, there is not a natural remedy to reverse this cause of dark circles but to prevent premature aging, always use sun protection and drink lots of water!

Unhealthy Dieting

Eating unhealthy doesn’t just do damage to your body, it can also have a big effect on your skin. Studies have shown that people who do not get enough protein, are dehydrated or are not eating proper nutrients, will experience side effects on the skin. When the skin is dehydrated or lacking nutrients, the skin starts to thin out. Thin skin around the eyes enhances the color of the veins under the eyes because the veins become closer to the surface of your skin. This results in dark circles & other negative side effects such as premature aging. To prevent this, makes sure to keep a balanced diet and stay hydrated!

Sun Exposure

Another significant cause of dark circles is over exposure to UV sun rays. The sun is more powerful and damaging than you might think! Without proper care and protection, the skin can break down proteins and enzymes in the skin causing serious damage. When the face is exposed to the sun, collagen and elastin proteins break down causing the skin to thin. Thin skin under the eyes allows for veins to become more exposed. This causes dark circles, bags & wrinkles. Sun exposure can also heighten hyperpigmentation and darken the eyes with an over production of melanin. To prevent over exposure to the sun, always make sure to purchase products with SPF protection!

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