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Beauty trends can get strange, to say the least. Fish scales in lipstick? Bird poop is facials? However, the latest trend to come out of Korean beauty brands takes the cake. Now, you can get facial masks made with snail slime. Yes, you read that right. The goo that trails behind those weird creatures is now a popular skincare treatment. Apparently, the trend has roots in ancient Greece. There, this gooey substance was used medicinally up to the Middle Ages. Snail excretion was used for gastrointestinal ulcers to cough remedies. Now, this slime is used commercially and is extracted from the helix aspersa species. This common garden snail can treat everything from acne stars, collagen stimulation, and photoaging.

How Snail Masks Are Made

Don’t worry, snails are not harmed in the process involved with creating these snail masks. You won’t have to stick a living snail on your face to see the benefits of the slime, either. Instead, scientist collect what these garden snails leave behind with mesh holders. Then, they can collect the slime that falls and concentrate it into a powder. Now, this process may seem a bit tedious to some, and those individuals would be absolutely right. It can take up to six hours before they can harvest a gram of this trendy ingredient.

What Goes Into Snail Masks

Obviously, the slime from the snail is the primary ingredient in snail masks. However, what about this gooey substance makes it so good for your skin? Generally, this extract is known for its ability to hydrate skin. In addition, there are lots of molecular ways that snail extract can benefit your skin. Proteins, glycolic acids, and elastin all make up the complex mixture contained in this snail’s trail. This slime acts as a natural protective barrier for the creatures to protect them from damage and infection. For humans, it hydrates, heals scars, and stimulates collagen production.

Fighting Acne With Snail Masks

This trend kicked into high gear when Chilean snail farmers experience healing benefits after handling the slimy creatures during their work day. These farmers also noticed their skin healed without the appearance of scares. Then, they decided to launch this gooey substance as a skincare product. Now, this substance is all the rage. This is especially true for Korean skincare products. Snail masks are marketed for fighting acne scare and rejuvenating the skin.

Anti Aging Snail Masks

The snail slime used in these masks can also deliver anti-aging benefits. This extract has ingredients that are well known in the anti-wrinkle market. These masks can stimulate your body’s production of collagen and elastin. Collagen forms an important structural element in the skin to retain firmness. Elastin creates skin that is tight and supple. Some studies claim that the compounds in this goop help retain moisture in the skin, as well.

Benefits Of Snail Masks

Likely the most popular benefit to using snail masks opposed to other skincare products is the chemical-free composition. Naturally made cosmetics and skincare products are all the rage. Products that can back this claim are flying off the shelves of beauty stores across the globe. If the French can adore them in their cuisine, why can’t we use them to improve our skin? If you’re looking for a natural alternative to anti-aging and anti-scarring skincare products, try snail masks. Now, they’re sold in stores and online across the nation.

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