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At one point, the only thing I knew about silica was that it came in little packets in a box of shoes. “Do not eat,” the label would read. Silica gel is used for this reason because of its tremendous moisture absorption capabilities. You can also handily use these small packets to try and save a phone from water damage, or to protect old photos/documents, etc. However, I didn’t really understand the full extent of this property’s makeup and capabilities. In reality, the chemical compound carries a number of interesting characteristics. It can influence our biology in many ways as a supplement and application. Today, we’ll look in particular at some of the impressive silica hair growth benefits. Is this an ingredient worth using for those with thinning hair?

What is Silica?

It’s short for silicon dioxide, an oxide for silicon. If you ever see an object or decoration made of quartz, the hard gray metallic material, silicon dioxide is the base component. Silica appears in many different forms and settings around the world. It makes up much of the world’s sand. We use for everything from crafting electronics to building structures to food production. Silica is also a precursor for the glass that we use fro everything from windows to glasses to bottles and beyond. Optical fibers for telecommunication? Silica is the primary component. Additionally, silica powder is the basis for numerous supplements with functions ranging from joint health to skin care and more.

While all of these uses are handy, the silica hair growth impact is one of the most effective and potent. Let’s take a look at how this works.

Silica Hair Growth Benefits

We naturally consume a great deal of silicon, which is present in many veggies and grains. It’s an essential nutrient that helps balance levels of magnesium and calcium. Boosting our immune system and helping our cells function optimally, silica carries significant alkalizing properties. This contributes to maintenance of healthy pH levels, critical to consistent and strong hair growth. Dropping silicon levels, an inherent aspect of aging, are major factor in the diminishing of smooth skin, voluminous hair and healthy nails as we get older. When follicles become too acidic it prevents hair from growing as they should, often causing damage or even infection.

Utilizing silica for hair growth is a very natural and pure way to boost growth while also gaining other benefits. It can help contribute to better mood, brighter skin and more. If you find that you have thinning hair on your scalp, or eyebrows or lashes, then it’s worth aiming to increase your intake. Studies show that many Americans do not get ample silica through their diets. How can you get more of it? Let’s examine some of the best silica hair growth options.

Silica Sources

Eating healthy is a good start. If you get your daily servings of veggies then this will make it easier. It’s naturally present in a large number of plant foods. Other common foods contain silica, such as fruits, grains and nuts, but in many cases our bodies are not able to absorb and use it. Silica supplements are a good method — bamboo extract, in particular, is an effective vehicle.

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