Overnight Cellulite Defense Review 5/5 (1)

“Wake up skinny.”  That’s the line they’re using in their advertising.  We’ve been seeing it everywhere, from online group coupon deals, to online marketplaces.   But the evidence backing up this “caffeine firming cream” is somewhat dubious.  In our review of the Overnight Cellulite Defense cream, we’ll be taking a long hard look at the product, including the science behind caffeine cream firming (or lack-there-of).

Overnight Cellulite Defense Cream: What is it?

We first saw Overnight Cellulite Defense cream pop up in our emails about a week ago.  It caught our attention immediately.  What kind of cream could possibly make someone wake up without fat?  The assertion is that caffeine cream works as a “diuretic”, which increases blood flow to the applied area.  As to how long that effect lasts, and how substantial that effect is, we’ll have to get a bit nerdy.  Caffeine (and the closely related aminophylline) work to dehydrate fat cells.  When dehydrated, the fat cells shrink, which reduces their appearance.  But in an unfair twist of fate, that appearance is only lessened for around 24 hours.

Caffeine isn’t anything new in the fight against fat.  In fact, some people have been injecting it into subcutaneous fat for the same reasons.  While it’s unknown whether or not a topical cream can give the same effects, it seems like they do, but possibly to a lesser extent.

Overnight Cellulite Defense Cream: At a Glance

  • Cost: $9.99 to $18.99
  • Availability: Online
  • Benefits: Firm, Sculpt, Tighten
  • Does it work:  Yes
  • NRHQ Rating: 3/5 stars

Should I Use Overnight Cellulite Defense Cream?

That’s up to you.  We think the Overnight Cellulite Defense Cream serves a purpose, and at the price, it’s probably worth the money.  We’re seeing deals ranging from $10-$18 for a package of the cream.  There are other creams on the market that fit this same purpose, too.  They’re from more well-known brands, but probably offer the same in terms of efficacy.

Does Overnight Cellulite Defense Cream Work?

Overnight Cellulite Defense Cream definitely works.  We’re not really calling that into question.  But the assertions they’re making with the product can be somewhat hyperbolic.  Sure it will help you reduce the appearance of cellulite while you sleep, but it’s also not going to make you “wake up skinny”, unless you’re already skinny.  But then why would you be using a cellulite cream in the first place?  The firming, tightening and sculpting claims are all basically just rehashing the same benefit, really.  The cream is reducing the size of the fat cells it’s exposed to.  That means the underlying tissue can shine through a little more.  This isn’t a lasting solution by any means, but if you want to do some spot treatments when you’re going to be a bit *ahem* exposed, it’s a good product to experiment with.

Overnight Cellulite Defense Cream: Final Thoughts

While you’re not going to “wake up skinny”, overnight cellulite defense cream certainly has its uses.  As to price, it’s competitive with major brands, but we’re not completely sure on how it stacks up against them.  Our best advice would be to try and fix the heart of the issue by exercising and eating the right diet.  If you want some tips as to how you can lose weight, then check out one of our many articles on the subject by heading to our weight loss home page.  Thanks for reading, and hope to see you back at NRHQ soon!

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