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Skincare products are great. They can help make our outward appearance more vibrant, radiant an youthful. In general they are easy to apply without any major side effects. But one problem that women tend to run into is the propensity for some skin creams to cause comedos, which are types of pimples that appear in the forms of whiteheads or blackheads. Obviously, this is an outcome that runs content to our desires with a personal beauty routine. As such, more and more shoppers are specifically seeking out non comedogenic oils for their skincare repertoire.

Coconut oil is a superstar of the skin care industry. Or at least, it has been. The substance offers tremendous benefits for hydrating skin and delivering potent anti-aging qualities. Many women swear by the stuff, and credit it for their smooth and soft appearance. But unfortunately, coconut oil also happens to be rather comedogenic. This means that it has a tendency to clog pores and trigger or aggravate acne. Swapping out wrinkles and rugged texture for zits and pimples isn’t really my idea of a great trade-off. Therefore, skincare enthusiasts are increasingly identifying non comegodenic oils as alternatives.

What Does Non Comedogenic Mean?

It simply refers to emollients and oils that are less likely than others to clog up your pores and result in acne issues. Different people have different skin types, and some will be less prone to the negative effects of a product ranking highly on the comedogenic scale. In particular, those with skin that is on the dryer side of average might be just fine with coconut oil and similar brands. But for those who perhaps already have oily skin, it can cause some problems.

One step you can take to deter this risk is eating foods that prevent acne. But another one is altering your routine to use non comedogenic oils rather than those that may take a negative toll on your pores.

Top Non Comedogenic Oils

If you’re looking for a solution that won’t cause the same risk of acne breakouts, then try one of these as an alternative:

  • Hemp Seed Oil – This organic oil offers plenty of benefits, like delivering Omega 3 and Omega 6, as well reducing pore size and supporting Vitamin D absorption. It has no comedogenic properties.
  • Sunflower Seed Oil – With a nice light consistency, sunflower seed oil is full of crucial nutrients and also contains carotenoids, which act as powerful cancer-fighting antioxidants. It is worth noting that this oil doesn’t boast the same hydrating proficiency as some others.
  • Shea Butter – This enriching anti-inflammatory cream is a tremendous anti-aging tool. It assists with the skin’s regenerative capabilities by boosting collagen production and also offers SPF and moisturizing qualities. However, it can be on the expensive side.
  • Argan Oil – This skincare solution checks all the boxes. It’s a non comedogenic oil that boasts numerous vitamins and fatty acids, helps disinfect and reduce inflammation, and is naturally protective from UV rays. It also smells great.

If you have concerns about skin oils clogging your pores and contributing to acne formation, then definitely try out any of the choices above. These types provide plenty of benefits without the comedogenic downside.

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