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We all go through phases with our skin care routine.  Maybe you’re a naturalist – you prefer to cleanse with kiwi pulp, exfoliate with oatmeal, and moisturize with coconut oil.  Or, perhaps you like to buy high-end products that ring up at $100 or more a pop.  No matter what your style is, there’s one thing that’s always for sure: you’re getting older.  And, your skin will eventually reflect that.  Now, you could prevent it in a few ways, surgery being one of them.  But, we personally like non-surgical approaches.  So, today we’ll be reviewing a hot new youth serum that we’ve found online.  We’ll be highlighting everything we know about New Age Skin Serum.

New Age Skin Serum is a popular new product that has been showing up online recently.  It seems like this product has been gaining some notoriety among those who like to check out online deals.  And, that caught our attention.  So, we wanted to get into whatever details we could learn about New Age Skin Serum.  If you haven’t heard of this product before, or you want to find out what we know, you can keep reading.  Otherwise, be sure to click on the button below.  Because, in one click, that will take you straight to this product.  So, if you’re not keen on reading the whole review, make sure you click now.


Does New Age Skin Serum Work?

We see a lot of products.  And, we know that it can be difficult to actually find out information about some of them. So, we make it a point to tell you what we do know about products like New Age Skin Serum.  And, we can speculate a bit, too.  For example, we’ll tell you how we imagine it’s best to use this product, which you can see in the section below.  Now, let’s get into what we know about New Age Skin Serum.  First of all, the claims that New Age Anti Aging Serum makes.  The website claims that this product could help brighten your skin, eliminate your dark circles, reduce the look of wrinkles, boost skin hydration, and counter the effects of stress on your skin.  These are all big, exciting claims, but are they reasonable?

According to the New Age Skin Care bottle, this product apparently includes Neodermyl, 24 karat gold dust, and hyaluronic acid.  Now, it’s possible that this product does include more ingredients than that.  And, without a comprehensive ingredients list, we’re not sure exactly how significant these three ingredients are.  But, we’ll talk more about ingredient specifics below.  The point is that these ingredients are somewhat compelling.  But, we don’t have a scientific study to back up that this particular formula is going to help your skin.  So, instead, we’ll have a look at the specific ingredients.  And, whether there is evidence for each of these ingredients.

New Age Skin Serum Ingredients

Let’s just go through each ingredient in New Age Face Serum one by one.

  1. Neodermyl.  This is one of those ingredients that we hadn’t heard about before.  So, we went to check out some research on it.  According to a packet by Induchem Companies, which is apparently the developer of Neodermyl, this ingredient acts like a wrinkle filler, without an injection.  That’s definitely interesting, and we’ll want to learn more about this ingredient.
  2. 24k Gold Dust. The verdict might still be out on whether applying bling to your face will get you good results.  But, we have heard some personal stories where gold dust may have reduced hyperpigmentation.  Like we said, though, we’re not sure about clinical studies on this.
  3. Hyaluronic Acid. This ingredient is apparently for collagen synthesis.  If you’re not sure what collagen is, make sure you check out one of our articles on this protein.

How To Order New Age Skin Serum

We’re not going to go into the New Age Skin Serum price right now.  Because, there may be a discount for new customers.  You can find out more about that by going to their website and reading the terms and conditions.  But, how do you get to their website?  Well, you could do an Internet search.  But, we decided to save you some time.  So, instead, you can just click the button on this page to go straight there (the one under the second paragraph).  Don’t miss out on this chance, though!  And, thanks for reading New Review HQ.  Happy skincare hunting!

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