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Is Your Skin Retaining  Moisture?

Moisture retention is your skin’s ability to, for lack of a better term, retain moisture. If you’re treating your skin right, then chances are it’s already able to properly retain moisture. How can you tell? Well, simply take your hand and feel your skin. Does it feel smooth? Soft? If so, then congratulations, your skin is probably hydrated. How do you know if your skin isn’t properly retaining moisture? Dryness and irritation are the tell-tale signs of de-hydrated skin, so if there is a prevalence of either of those factors, then it’s time to consider a new method of skin care.

Why Is Moisture Retention Important?

It’s pretty simple, really. If your skin is unable to properly retain moisture, then it is going to suffer from dryness. Dried, cracked skin can be physically irritating, and it can spark the urge to scratch it. If left untreated, this dried skin can become irritated. That’s when you notice those flaky, red spots that aren’t very appealing. They sting, they’re unattractive, and they’re an all-around pain. With a proper skin care moisturizer, you can enhance the moisture retention properties of your skin. When used daily, these products can help keep your skin smooth and irritation-free. Smoother, healthier skin is also more attractive, so it’s a win-win!

Enhancing Moisture Retention Improves Overall Skin Quality

Whether you’re trying to get rid of dryness, or create a smooth, uniform look to your complexion, enhancing your skin’s moisture retention properties is the way to go. Our skin is more sensitive in certain areas (for example: the face), so it’s important to protect that skin with a daily moisturizer. When you apply one regularly, you can actively repair damaged skin, as well as improve the overall texture and appearance. A glowing, radiant complexion is entirely possible if you decide to use moisturizer!

Did you know that our skin quality peaks in our mid twenties? As we age, our skin quality slowly degrades – it’s an unavoidable, harsh truth. However, that’s not to say you can’t do anything about it. With a proper skin cream, you can replenish the hydration in your skin by retaining moisture. This protects your skin from dryness, which helps to preserve the youthful qualities of your skin. You’ll notice fewer instances of irritation, inflammation, and sensitive areas. Keeping that moisture trapped in is essential for healthy, beautiful skin.

What Kind Of Product Should You Use To Retain Moisture In Skin?

There are various factors that go into this decision. If you’re not sure how your skin will react to certain moisturizers, then it’s wise to consult your skin care professional so they can point you in the right direction. If you pick one that you feel is right for you, it’s always safe to test it out on a spot that’s not as sensitive as your face. For instance, try applying a moisturizer to your wrist – to see how your skin will react – before you decide on lathering it all over. Are you currently using a skin care product and not seeing the results you need? Chances are you’ll need to change what you’re using. Again, consult your skin care professional to get advice on what type of product you should use, as each one comes with a different blend of ingredients.

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