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If you’re looking to get smooth, youthful skin, you know that you probably won’t do that by just slapping some regular drugstore moisturizer on every day.  So, how can you achieve younger, healthier skin without plastic surgery?  Here at New Review HQ, we’re always looking for the newest skin creams.  The anti-aging industry is booming and there are a lot of products out there.  However, they’re not all made the same.  Today’s review is going to be talking about Luminary Anti Aging, a cream that is definitely popping up everywhere.  But, how does it stand up to our standards?

The goal of Luminary Anti Aging is to, of course, give you smoother, healthier, younger skin.  And, this product lays out a few claims that attest to that agenda.  We headed on over to the manufacturer’s site to read about this product.  Basically, it says that this cream can help you brighten your skin, help you achieve firmer tissue, and get rid of stubborn lines.  But, can it really do all those things?  Well, we put this cream up against our standards to see if it had the potential to do what it says it will.  Keep reading to find out how Luminary Anti Aging did.  Or, you can just click on the button below to check out our favorite anti-aging product.


How Does Luminary Anti Aging Work?

Let’s break down the claims that this cream makes.  Firstly, Luminary Anti Aging Cream says that it can help brighten skin.  As skin gets older, it loses the ability to self-exfoliate in the same way.  That can lead to a buildup of older skin, and especially if it’s dry, that means it can look really dull.  Luminary Anti-Aging claims that it contains moisturizing ingredients that can help you restore hydration and keep skin healthier.  Unfortunately, we couldn’t find an ingredients list beyond the main active component, so we’re not sure which oils or materials they’re using to achieve that effect.  However, seeing as this is labeled as a “moisturizer,” we’re sure that it at least moisturizes effectly.

What about firming up your skin and reducing lines?  Well, luckily the main ingredient is right out there in the open on the manufacturing website.  And, we were happy to see that they went with peptides, which are amino acids that can restore collagen and protect skin molecules.  If they use a good ratio of peptides to other ingredients, this cream should do its job in that respect.  And, because Luminary Anti Aging depends on peptides instead of harsher ingredients, it should be gentle enough for everybody’s skin.

Luminary Anti Aging Testimonials

In our search we found a few testimonials on this product, and we were happy to see that some were even expert evaluations.  And, we were even happier to see that the testimonials were positive.  Most people said that they thought the product was worth trying out.  So, if you’re interested in this product, you should definitely head over to the manufacturer’s site and see for yourself.

Luminary Anti Aging Free Trial

Just like a lot of the products we review, the preferred purchasing method is free trial.  Some companies, especially newer ones, go for the free trial option to get their foot in the door, so to speak.  They want to give people the opportunity to try out their product and like it, before dropping the full amount of money.  Sometimes creams like this can be a little pricey, so by getting you to like the cream first, they kind of trap you in.  But, if you do like it, then the price usually doesn’t matter that much in the end.  So, click on over to the manufacturer’s site – we give you the go-ahead.  Or, don’t forget to check out our favorite product by clicking the button above.

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