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The pressure to look like a timeless beauty has always been around.  They say that Cleopatra bathed in donkey’s milk in order to keep her skin soft and supple.  And, she is still regarded as one of the most radiant beauties in history.  But, not all of us want to take a bath in donkey milk (nor do we all have the resources to do so).  Luckily, science has progressed enough that donkey’s milk is no longer the only way to reduce wrinkles or get silky soft skin.  Now, there are a lot of anti-aging creams and serums on the market.  Today, we’re going to be reviewing La Mer Timeless Cream to see just how this product lives up to its claims.

With skin creams, we like to check out the manufacturer’s site to see what kind of ingredients are in the product.  Because, the ingredients will tell you everything – from what a product should do, to what it can do.  And, that’s important to know, because not every skin product is the same or works the same for everybody.  With La Mer Timeless Cream, we also wanted to see what the price tag was, since it touts itself as a professional-grade anti-aging cream.  So, what was our final opinion on La Mer Timeless Cream?  Keep reading to find out what we thought, or check out our favorite product below.


Does La Mer Timeless Cream Work?

Most people think that skin is really delicate, but it’s more resilient than you think.  After all, consider all the cuts, scrapes, bruises, and more that you get throughout your life.  Your skin usually heals in just a couple days, or maybe a week for the big problems.  And, while your skin is certainly sensitive, it can still bounce back from a whole host of irritants.  Unfortunately, as you get older, your skin does start to weaken.  This is due to a breakdown in collagen, the protein that keeps connective tissue healthy.  So, when you’re choosing an anti-aging product, you want to look at something that contains collagen-boosting components.  And, we were happy to see that La Mer Timeless Cream does have these components.

The manufacturer’s site listed the ingredients label, and from that we could see that La Mer Timeless Cream contains peptides.  Specifically, this cream has Palmitoyl Oligopeptide and Palmitoyl Tripeptide-7.  Now, these two peptides are fairly common in skin products, and they do the trick when it comes to smoothing out wrinkles and supporting skin strength and health.  Additionally, peptides work to help promote the production of new collagen molecules.  However, La Mer Timeless Cream does contain more ingredients than just peptides.  We were also happy to see that this product has retinol, too.  And, retinol works to promote healthier skin, the same as peptides do.

Do We Recommend La Mer Timeless Cream?

Not every skin product that we review has a comprehensive ingredients list, and not every product has so much information about their product.  The more information we see, the more confident we are in a product’s ability to really do what it says.  And, with La Mer Timeless Cream, you’re getting not one, but two powerful anti-aging components that can help you see more youthful skin.  Plus, with the free trial offer, we would say you should go for it.  Just do a quick Internet search for the product to find the manufacturer’s site.  Otherwise, if you still want to see what we recommend, check out the offer by clicking the button!

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