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Ever Wondered: Is Charcoal Good For Your Skin?

Do you ever feel like you’ve tried every skin care solution on the face of the planet? There are a lot of things to try: seaweed, clay, sand, moisturizers, cleansers, skin tag removers. Really, humans have invented a huge variety of innovative treatments for all skin ailments. But, which ones do you believe in the most? Are you more of a synthetic skin care person? Or, would you prefer to treat your skin with something that comes straight from the earth? Well, if you fit in the second category, the question Is Charcoal Good For Your Skin might interest you. Because, one of this year’s top products is a skin care mask made with charcoal. And, you might want to know why so many people are turning to it!

So, we have some thoughts on Is Charcoal Good For Your Skin or not. And, we hope you’ll keep reading this article to learn more about charcoal! And, don’t forget to scope the New Review HQ Site to see if we have any charcoal product reviews!

Why Is Charcoal Good For Your Skin?

  • It seems that one of the most common uses for topical treatment of charcoal is to treat wounds. And, most people use a form of “activated charcoal” on their skin or for other uses. Activated charcoal is made when charcoal is heated near gas, giving it a lot of “pores.” So, this could be one answer to the question Is Charcoal Good For Your Skin.
  • Next, people use charcoal to treat acne often. However, just keep in mind that charcoal can be abrasive for the skin. So, if you’re planning on using charcoal a lot, you might want to reconsider. And, stay away from products that also use glycolic acid or salicylic acid.
  • Many people think that charcoal binds to your pores and helps to draw them out. So, if you are someone who has big pores that often cause acne, charcoal could be something to try!
  • Is Charcoal Good For Your Skin in any form? Well, most people use it in the form of a mask. But, there may be other optioins to try as well!
  • Be careful! Some people who tried charcoal masks got their masks stuck to their faces! You can look up some of these skin care goofs on any video streaming website. So, just know the risks before trying charcoal!

Final Thoughts On Is Charcoal Good For Your Skin

Any time you try something new for your skin, it’s just a big experiment. Maybe, you can experiment with a little bit of charcoal on your arm before trying it on your face. That way, you can answer “Is Charcoal Good For Your Skin” without risking your entire face. And, as always, if you feel ready to try charcoal, look around on New Review HQ! There may be a charcoal product (or other cool skin care product) that you’d like to try!

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